Namaste in a New Year

For the New Year I Resolve to challenge both the very real and the merely apparent disparities between

competition and cooperation

conflict and convergence

mania and depression

arrogance and pride

guilt and shame

silly and stupid

love and desire

hate and pity

faith and fear

the title and the body.



  1. Hi MB, I love the list of things you've resolved to challenge. I'll join you in the New Year and do the same.


  2. Merci beau coup, fille bleue!

    You've been a blogging buoy for me since I first found your site, so I thank you for, once again, joining me going forward.

    Especially since you help keep me laughing!

    Happy New Year!

  3. A challenging resolutions you've got there, Sir.
    And highly worthy ones.
    My favorite ids the "arrogance and pride" one.

    May the new year be filled with fun silliness, love and bloggin'


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