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In my opinion, that's not enough.

Good night, and good weekend all.


  1. I did pretty well, but with the soft music and the sleepy babies, I decided I have to go to bed. Good night to you too.

  2. Somewhat sad.

    I actually stayed till the end!!! (8 minutes, that's a long time!).
    The falling-asleep-kitten has really made an impact on me too - can't keep my eyes open now, and it's not even 10pm here...

    And without even trying that Jack Daniels in Jasmin Tea ;-)

  3. Wow, you watched that 1,583,312 times? I only made it through once.

  4. Yeah.. That was pretty cool. A very humanizing experience.

  5. That was really something. I'd say it needs to be put in a time capsule so people thousands of years from now can know what we were pretty much all about in the year 2006. But, then I thought "time capsule" is such an old fashioned phrase!

    Isn't it something with all there is to do in life, that so many of us are bored?

    What is that all about, Alfie?

  6. There were a couple of spots where the emotions welled up and I knew I was gonna post it. Especially right after the haircut scenes, when the woman said "Oh my god! You look like a monkey." The following monkey, kitten and baby scenes, then the sign languager, etc..., I just saw EVERTHING as so small, so meaningful in all of its cosmological meaninglessness.

    What is it all about, eh? And, maybe, just maybe more importantly, what's Love got to do with anything?


    Well, that just depends on me. On you.


    OK, gotta pick up m' gum off the floor and get on with life.



  7. What is it all about?

    This compilation demonstrates how alienated we have become due to the technopoly in which we live. Each one of these individuals lives in their own bubble. The bubbles bounce off each other but never intersect. Most of these people are reaching out in the electronic medium desperate to achieve some type of connection with others. I kept thinking of that track from Radiohead’s OK Computer album where the robot voice says “fitter, happier, more productive...". It's a bit melancholy, but not depressing--it's real.

  8. very nice dun michael
    It is so clear that love is being supressed by us all.
    We all want to feel it ...
    cos we know we feel it sometimes.
    Evil is stopping it with all the
    bullshit via the fucking television.
    Stop watching it and the loving just
    comes along all by it self.
    If offcause the time is spend on searching for truth instead.
    How many US presidents is related in
    the bloodlines ?
    Fuck money and fame cos like the clever indians said: when all of earth has been poluted so we can not
    eat anything from it,money do not solve it.
    Western values is an illusion forced
    by the rich so they can get richer.
    Fuck them those bastards.
    Love will win

  9. Love will win

    Is the only way for intelligent animals too really win. Whether in competition or cooperation, without love, there's nothing but addiction.

    Thanks Mike.

  10. too lol!

    (Good thing I love to laugh; even at m'self.)


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