Person of the Year

As I'm sure you've seen by now, Time's "Person of the Year" issue is out and You are it!

Uhh... well... Gee.. Thanks, Time, but I'm still not gonna renew my subscription. (There. Free advertising so ya know my thanks ain't empty.)

Instead, I've decidered to follow the lead of Comandante Agi (kinda*) and suggest a person of the Year whom I think made the most courageous and intelligent decisions in regards to motivating the "You"s in the Time cover story: us nanobots o' the intertubes.

Russ Feingold's call for Censure in the first quarter of 2006 created a firestorm of internet activity from Left Blogistan**, and invigorated a debate amongst bloggers, office-mates and family members which was only dampened by the quietude and disinterest of the colleagues of the Senator from WI. Whilst the debate on Censure raged across the 'tubes, Feingold's Democratic cohorts - both boys and girls and with very few exceptions - whined and shrugged and looked to the past, where a sitting President was impeached and still managed to retain overwhelming support in the polls.

So yes. Kudos to you! To all those who pound the keyboards and post the pics, mundane to profane, silly to sublime. It is my experience that teh Internets has brought us closer together in so many important ways affecting the socio-political environment which we share in this country. That, despite it's inarguable traps and addictioneries, the opportunity to find and relate to more folks than ever before possible is, on the balance, and in the words of America's favorite ex-con, A Good Thing.

And yet, as electronically connected is not precisely nor exactly the same thing as being face to face, with flesh pressed and breaths shared, we are still only human. As such, we do so still need leaders who have both vision and the courage to Frame such so as to motivate and lead us to make each our own individual effort towards goals which we all so truly desire to see attained.

In that regard, and with nearly a total lack of competition for the honor, I humbly submit that Russ Feingold was truly 2006's Person of the Year.

Happy Holidays!

* Is a great way to play with your own ideas on the topic. Thanks a lot for the impetus Comandante!

** I couldn't find a way to succinctly encompass all of those bloggers whose posts I admired and respected, so just linked to one which I think captured the essence of the times quite well.


  1. Yah mon and they're Excellent!

    Yours are definitely more like to what Cmdt Agí did have in mind. No doubt and nicely done!

  2. Oh yah... That Borat'll show up anywhere, eh!


  3. Russ Feingold is a great (non-satirical) choice. Our media would not dare spotlight his courageous democratic efforts. Let's hope we see a lot more of him in the Dem-controlled Senate.

    Thanks for playing, Michael.

  4. Russ has been my man for a long time. I wish like hell he would run for president but I guess he's too smart to get into that mess. Can't blame him one bit.

    As for Time's choice, they are just chidken shit. Too afraid of offending someone.

  5. I humbly submit that Russ Feingold was truly 2006's Person of the Year.

    Can I have an "amen"? AMEN!!!

  6. I am still speechless and overwhelmed by being chosen person of the year. No, really, I wasn't excepting this!
    How touching...
    I am working on my gratitude speech right now.

    So, what escape would
    Time go for next year?

  7. If Russ isn't the Person of the Year, he is certainly the Hero of the Year and the only sane person in the Senate for most of the time. Great choice, Poobah!

  8. It's a totally cool game to play, mine Comandante! I don't know why, but I just got the urge to play it straight. I've totally enjoyed some of the more twisted playa's takes though, and no doubt.

    I think it's a kinda bummer too, Pop. But we do have Dennis to menace the debates, so all's not lost in that regard.

    U got it, Frog'migo! And a hearty RAmen as well!

    Only -ahem- time will tell, Nava. (Can't wait to read yer 'ceptance speech! {-;)

    Whoa! Thanks Mary! Whilst I've soyt'nly been Poo-pooed on many an occasion, that right there is my first ever Poobah! merci an' a beau coup t' boot!

  9. Yeah TIME needs to grow a pair.

  10. Wait no more.
    My acceptance speech is out there.
    A bit emotional, perhaps, and yet - under the circumstances, I am sure you'll understand.


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