The Kucinich Who Brought Christmas

Okay. Other than that new, younger-stronger-lither physique I've always wanted (and never worked at for more than a month at a time,) all you'd have to do is add a pinch of understanding of the modern Global Economy to dude's resume, and I'd be good to go for the next 6 Solstice-Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanza-Yule Tide's combigned.

Dennis Kucinich is going to make another run at the office of President of the United States.
[Link to Yahoo News] Rep. Dennis Kucinich is making another run at the White House, according to Andy Juniewicz, Kucinich's press secretary.

Kucinich, 60, scheduled a noon Tuesday press conference at City Hall to formally announce his 2008 campaign.

He made a name for himself during the 2004 presidential election.

The Cleveland Democrat plans to use his anti-war stance as a stepping stone to becoming the country's 44th president.

The liberal Democrat said he's launching his campaign out of frustration with his own party, which he said seems inclined to keep the war in Iraq going.

His previous presidential proposals have included a national peace department, canceling free trade policies he said hurt American jobs and a single-payer, universal health care system.
w00t! w00t! Woohoo!!! LOL!

Who knows, I might even vote for the Representative of my congressional district in his bid for Chief Executive this time around.

Just might do that, indeed.

(But don't forget that Gore-Clinton ticket, now. Nope. Keep that one in mind going into '07, don't ya know . . . {-; )


  1. Yayyy Kucinich!! Does he have a shot at it? Maybe more than during his last run. More power to him!

  2. I don't think Kuchy has a shot to win, but I am sure looking forward to seeing him in the debates. He will hammer away on why whomever is running supported the war or didn't do the right thing in trying to stop the criminal thing. Go get 'em Dennis.

  3. I decided a few months ago that I'd have to campaign for Kucinich if he ran for president in 2008... and here he goes! I've never run across another representative whose views on almost everthing made me so darn happy. My representitive, Hobson, certainly doesn't come close. (grumbles about Hobson)

    I don't think he'll win, because he's so darn liberal. But I still looove the fact that he's so darn liberal.

  4. Huzzah indeed, Blueberry! Though I'm thinkin' like Mary that his biggest offering will be to remind the Presidential Debaters what issue drove teh '06 elections: Get Out Of Iraq!

    I don't think he'll win, because he's so darn liberal. But I still looove the fact that he's so darn liberal.

    LOL! NICELY said, Aviaa! Quite. Thanks for stoppin' by!

  5. The undeniable liberal absolutely loves this(not like that). He is very progressive and all about WE THE PEOPLE. Kucinich's problem is that most people cannot get past his quirky appearance. I wish crap like that did not matter, but it does. Anything even a little odd in the appearance or mannerisms department will absolutely destroy you in a run for the Presidency, and that is sad.
    Kucinich will definitely do better than he did in 2004 because he set up a nice netroots campaign last time that will get him out of the gate faster. He took almost 20% of the vote in Minnesota's Caucus. There are people who want to hear the man speak. And his message is good!

  6. That's a great point 'bout looks having such a huge effect on people's choice, UL. Ol D is a squiggly lookin' guy, and he always was. In that C-Town, that's often been a bonus, but it sure ain't gonna help m'boy nationwide.

    And yah. His message is good. I'll repeat that I really do hope his candidacy helps enlighten and enliven the debates, if nothing else.


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