Tagged? Again?


Oops! Sorry 'bout that one, Nava! :-p But I do have the ® to do it, eh. This one's kinda funny, or karmic or somethin', since Nava was apparently tagged by Blueberry, for whose previous tag o' me I did to receive a Papal Reprieve.

I've actually been hoping someone would tag me on this particular topic.
The rules:
- Find the nearest book.
- Name the book and the author.
- Turn to page 123.
- Go to the fifth sentence on the page.
- Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
- Tag three more folks.
Thusly do I present:
Chairman of the Fed: William McChesney Martin Jr. and the Creation of the American Financial System by Robert P. Bremner
Page and Sentences at issue:
. . . Martin's willingness to subordinate the Fed's institutional goals when he felt that larger interests were at stake earned him a great deal of goodwill within the Treasury Department. It also embodied the spirit of Fed-Treasury cooperation described so briefly but so profoundly in the Accord.

The Fed's support did not go unnoticed. . .
And so . . . It seems I must to be tagging 3 other lucky bloggers, eh. Well then!

Have a go ... hhmmm... whom to choose.. whom to choose... I know that a few of the folks whom I read and that read here as well, have already done this particular meme.


AG (Chappy Chanakuh, Lady!), Steve and Beep! Beep!

There're many o' you for whom I am curious as to what you're reading (hint, hint, Tonya {-,) but I'll stick to the formula here, and naught but 3 be taggin'.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'll work on it. Marlboro Sistah #2 just got both my books last night.

    Thanks for the holiday wishes! How's the weather near you?! It's amazing here on the shores of MA.

  2. The weather's been wonderful for mid-December, AG. I had my window open all day yester, and haven't needed the scarf all week.


    Just hope it stays warmish thru NY's Eve, as I'll be driving home from Detroit in the wee mornin' hours once again.

  3. Looks like a bit of a nightstand book that would not keep me awake for long. ;-)

  4. I swear I'd be an economist if it weren't for an algebra phobia, Blueberry. I actually aced my macro-econ course, then agonizingly passed micro-econ with a C ave. Sadness, since I took macro first, then got bummed so just fell back on polsci for my major.

    So, yah, it ain't exactly "A Midsummer Night's Dream", but what biography is?

    I'd never known much about Martin, and this bio has moved me muchly with what character he has. He's definitely someone I'd like to emulate in many ways.

    On the other hand, if I'd've had any discipline of any sort in my teens, I'd probably be an O.D.-survivor rock star by now instead!

    Go figure, eh. {-;

  5. Y'all are reading all these profound heavy books... doesn't anybody read just for fun anymore?
    Y'know, to get away and take a break from reality for a while?

  6. Sho nuff, Nava! But once I've read one once, I'm just about done with it these days.

    Maybe, if I ever "make it" financially, I'll finally have that Library I've always wanted, and will be able to grab any of my favorites from the past - or future - off the shelf, just to peruse a chapter or two at my leisure.

    In the meantime, gots to be picky when hitting the library. I'm terrible with being "on time" in some ways, so this current book is almost exactly 1 Month Overdue. Should have it back by Saturday, though.

    Also, give this guy a try if you're up for a little mind expanding fiction. He is DEF my Fav author of all time. I think I'd say "Fierce Invalids..." is my fave of his.


  7. I rejected a couple of books on the pile - one, "The Libertine" by Stephen Jeffreys would have provided more spice than the political non-fiction I ended up with, but it didn't have enough pages. The other one, that was really on top, was a book of witty/funny British quotations. I rejected that because it wasn't really written in sentences.

    The books I really want on the nightstand are anything Harry Potter or Tolkien. There's my real mental age for you!

  8. You know, I really know that, Blueberry. My mind just blanked so I grabbed at the Shakes' straw cuz I've ne'er considered Tolkien "light reading". HP, on the other hand. Niiice.

    I's actually just talkin' 'bout Dowling's stuff with mi 'miga, last night. Said I've not read any, but enjoyed the first flick thoroughly, and found a blurb I read (somewhere! lol!) from her latest - non-Potter - book to be interestin'. I might check that one out.

    ccc ya l8r!

  9. Funny what we find hanging around on our desks.

  10. Or missing from our sidebars.

    Sorry 'bout that Fred. I'll have MCCS1977 linked there on before the day is done, amigo!


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