Don't Piss Off this Prince of Peace!

Just a bit o' fun from my mornin' in the blogosphere.

Click directly on the pictures for the story to unfold. You prob'ly won't be surprised, but should still get the chuckles the poster intended.

Tip o' m' cap to
Aesmael (and yer friend, Kristine I s'pose I should add. She's a wicked one, now ain't she. . . {-;)


  1. Whoa! Looked like he turned into the Grinch. Don't mess with that dude.

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Well, 'tis the Season, eh Pop?

    ;-) Thanks and you too!

  3. Hey, friend, been thinking about you!!
    That Jesus cartoon hour??
    Pinkfem would like that!

  4. I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing! And it was good to catch up on all your posts today . . .I've been away too long!

  5. Hey now, Glenda mi 'miga! It warms my lonely li'l heart to such kind words. Thank you most sincerely.

    And let Pinkfem know there's an open invite for her AND I'll be 'round the Peace Train again sehr soon. No doubtin' it.

    My pleasure, Jayne. I know that feelin' too. There are SO MANY wonderful folks and their blogs around, aren't there?! I always enjoy your comments section, but it's how well I can relate, and quite frankly how much I admire your approach to your life, that assures that I will keeping checkin' in and catching up again.

    Glad to see you 'round here again!

    Whew! Half an hour to go on the time clock, and about an hour's worth of work to get in. I better get bustin' it. L8r!

  6. Ha! I also don't know what the H means. Is it, Jesus What the Hell Christ? Just call me stumped in Florida.

  7. So it is the same God, he's just trying to suppress all his Old Testament violence!


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