Carnival of the Godless - Xmas Eve Addition

D'oh! I don't exactly run with the same nano-crowds as I used to, so tend to forget these things are so damned good!

If you're curious as to how a lot o' online atheist folk think about this holiday, or just enjoy a bit o' godless bloggery, then by all means head on over to God is for Suckers and enjoy some Chris'mas cheer!

As for me, I'm off to mi hermano's for the - yah, I'm gonna do it - the family get-together.

Happy Monday all!


  1. Well hope no one was injured in the get together and also hope it was Merry!

  2. Hope your holidays were good.

    You should know by now -- have a merry holiday -- spend it with others families.


  3. 'Sfar as I can tell, there were no injuries in the making of this CotG, Pop. There were quite a few "merry" entries though.

    AG, LOL! I actually ended up having a wonderful time with my nutty bunch! Go figure, eh. :) Of course was in part cuz the one dearly beloved member {ahem} for whom I can't seem to do/say/be anything right, wasn't there. They held an earlier get-together of teh Nabs to which I wasnae invited.

    But I did just get a "Thank You" email saying how much my niece LOVES the guitar I sent via my sister who lives near to them.

    Nice all around!

    Merry Happy!

  4. Hhmmm... "Nabs" being short for my families surname of Nabakowski. I forget that's not at all clear from my own of Bains.

    Happy Merry!

  5. Hello michaelbains, just wanted to stop by and thank you for the comments you left on our blog, Dharma Bums. I'm glad you liked the Neanderthal post. I was surprised by the Smithsonian's editorial questions about our sense of ourselves as humans, if we investigate our genetic heritage. Sheesh, such insanity. I like the Vonnegut line you have at the top of your blog, as long as we're pretending, why not pretend that we are smart and caring humans with a genetic heritage that links us to the stars?

    Glad your Christmas with the family went well. Seasons Greetings, and all of that.

  6. .. as long as we're pretending, why not pretend that we are smart and caring humans with a genetic heritage that links us to the stars?


    Thanks a lot for stoppin' bye, Robin Andrea. I know it's hoaky, but I feel honored that you've visited. You Dharma Bums have often provided an oasis for me when I'm just tired of shakin' my head and wondering over the people's in our world, or what I'm doing wrong. I go and read and (mostly) be quiet and remember the things for which I've to be grateful.

    That particular post touched on a fave topic though, so I had to comment! lol

    Wolpoff was one of my first anthro heroes and, even though his multiregional evolution hypothesis' key points have effectively been thrown out due to genetic evidence, I still appreciate the work he did because of how much his studies brought to light about our ancient neighbors'/cousins' way of life.

    namaste m'Lady.

  7. It's the 26th! HAPPY KWANZAA, MAH BIOTCHEZ!!!

  8. w00t W00-00T! Mutha fuckah! LOL!


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