Who's Up For Rio?

I've never once bought a Roxy Music album. I hesitate wehn figurin' on why... I loved this band in the day. I'm thinkin' it was soemthing stupde like they weren't Heavy Metal, or maybe cuz I wasn't allowed (read: was afraid) to be a Ferry fan because somebody might've thought I was gay or a target for pickin' a fight. I freakin' fough way too much in school, it even got to the point where I'd started starting some myself, just to do it.

Yah. I definately got this all messed up long before I got to High School.

Geez but those keyboards do rock with that sax! Wow.


  1. I think they're just great.

    "Avalon" is a GREAT one to get, you can download it at i-Tunes.

    Every song is sublime.

    Sublime, I say!

  2. I knew you'd have that one! Does it have More than this on it?

    Thanks for the tip. {-;


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