American Boneheads, Take Note

Now the screw up's the biggest thing. We have to ask if the guys who messed up here can actually get it done without more of the same.

Honesty is always a nice weight on the side of the benefit of the doubt. Unless they're bullshittin'.

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"We screwed up. Not a little, a lot," Gyurcsany was heard saying. "No European country has done something as boneheaded as we have."

He told colleagues the government needed to end its duplicitous ways. "I almost died when for a year and a half we had to pretend we were governing. Instead, we lied morning, evening and night. I don't want to do this any more," he said.
In the U.S., that's what the Impeachment process is about. The Prez'dint has admitted his Iraq policy is boneheaded, though he calls the reasons "mistakes" and "misinformation". There's just no hint of that last bit which Gyurcsany proferred.

Bush is still Gung Ho and there's still plenty of money to be made playing War.

With all of the lives lost over George Walker Bush's "mistakes", how can they not be considered High Crimes? Every investigation to date - whether independant or conducted by the Intelligence community - suggests a Trial is due.


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! If we do not invoke impeachment, we are accomplices.

  2. Peace Chick, I said the same thing a few days ago.

    As for Budapest, Imagine! Last night I had the strangest dream!

  3. Wow. That's the most of those transcripts I've seen, Vig. Thanks for linkin' to it on here.

    Gyurcsany's whole speach is impressive for how boldly realistic he is in it. Ain't nothing easy in Big Time Politics folks, and this guy demonstrates some of the Big Time Problems which go along with that.

    Heavy "dream". Thanks again for the link.

    And I sure Hope Vigilante's timeline on Impeachment AND Troop Withdrawal is on target, Mary. It sounds like what I've been thinking is possible from our country as well.

  4. I am willing to impeach him. No charge. I'll do it for free.

  5. I hate it when this war is called a mistake. It's not a freakin' mistake, it's a planned crime and those who masterminded it are criminals. Case closed, except for the impeachment and prison time they must serve.

  6. And Impeachment has probably a little less likelihood of violent accompaniment than this method. Though it seems to be going as well as that sort of thing can.

    The Thai are old hands at such things, eh.

  7. MB, I'd love to see all of them on trial. And the thing is...they just keep lying! They are shameless!

    But, since Bush has gone on his most recent push, his poll numbers are up.

    Bonehead Americans, indeed.

    Off topic...has AG talked to you about her trip to Toledo? We need to email each other...AG? Are you listening, sister?

  8. Dig it, BG. Those poll #s aren't sweet on him still, but they sure are more evidence of too many thick skulled folks. {shakin'head}

    I don't be knowing AG's email either BG. I'd still love to meetup, as long as it's not on Oct 14. Gots plans for Toronto for m' Birthday. I've traveled 'round the states a bit, but've never left the country (except for those TopSecret Missions to let Saddamn know what to tell Osama 'bout U.S. plans, of course.)

    Anytime before or after 10-14 is great though!

  9. Can we impeach Cheney first? Prison will do.

  10. "...there's still plenty of money to be made playing War."

    This reminds me of a really terrible person I used to have the misfortune of working with.

    I worked at a manufacturing facility that happened to also employ people with disabilities, some with severe or multiple disabilities but who were otherwise willing and able to work, with support. That was where I came in. I worked with their employees who were deaf/blind. During the Desert Storm, the company, that happened to make lots of military supplies, made tons of money.

    I remember when we went in to Bosnia in 1998(ish), I remember this one woman dancing for joy about it, saying, "Oh, we're going to make lots of money again!" I almost threw up...

  11. MB, I think it's the 9th. I've got to run around the blogosphere and find AG!

    I'm off!


  12. AG's email is adorablegirlfriend at yahoo dot com. I am coming in on Columbus Day. We can discuss if everyone is going to be around via email.

  13. They could impeach the VP first, Blueberry. While we certainly have to give Cheney more credit for the abominations of this Admin, I think the traditional method of holding his "Boss" accountable first and then taking him to task is still more likely.

    For the reason that your idea IS more relevant, I like it. In order to Get It Done, I'd go the standard route, and just make sure to hold them both (and Others!) accountable.

    Yeppers Bird! That right there is how the War Mongers stay in power: Jobs for folks who "just gotta eat" and don't care that their work results in others' deaths.

    Good People doing Bad things for lack of thought and security.

    (I'll get to yous two 'Gs via email. {-; )


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