Falsification Fallout Continues

"Where we have distorted something, we have made a mistake, and that should be corrected. It can be corrected." Harvey Keitel
Well, I feel better 'bout one thing, anyhow. Just the other day, I commented on Peacechick Mary's post vis-a-vie the Disney Docuganda Debacle, bemoanin' the fact that Keitel is in the ABC Docudrama on 9/11. Turns out he's feelin' a little duped by his producer.

From MediaMatters via Betmo's take on the concensus response to the flick.

[Link] KEITEL: Yeah, I had questions about certain events and material I was given in The Path to 9/11 that I did raise questions about. Yes, I had some conflicts there.

A.J. HAMMER (host): How was that met?

KEITEL: With discussion. With argument. When I received the script, it said "ABC history project." I took it to be exactly what they presented to me -- history, and that the facts were correct. It turned out not all the facts were correct, and ABC set about trying to heal that problem. In some instances, it was too late because we had begun.

HAMMER: Do you feel that anything should be changed in this film?

KEITEL: Yes, I do. This is a tough issue.

[... the rest of the story.]

(emphasis by MediaMatters)

It's not like I find whatever an actor has to say on the subject of any great importance. Not normally.

But it's refreshing to read that a celebrity for whom I've
somewhat mysteriously developed a relatively high degree of respect really understands why such a film is more important than your run-o'-the-mill Mini-series. Keitel really seems to get that whole "honest, true and accurate" concept when purporting to dramatize recent historic events.

It's still amazing to me how eager are so many folks to alter the "people's" percerption of History, irrespective of the known facts.

Mary suggested my email to my local ABC affiliate might be worth repostin' for a wider read. Why not? I got a little vanity in me, especially where something I've writ may be helpful.

If the criticisms of the coming 9-11 TV movie are true I would hope your management would make a note of the inaccuracies which appear. I've only read stories. I haven't seen it for myself yet of course. I hope that if it airs, it will not disgrace the memories of those who died on that day. What is the truth about what we know about September 11, 2001?

There are several guides by which this "docudrama" has to be directed in order to be accurate. Anything else is false, and merely dishonest propaganda for our current Executors. Even the Senate has finally officially called this Admin on Its deceit to our citizenry.

Please do not propagate lies at NewsNet5.

You've still time to bug ABC about gettin' it right, if it decides to run it at all.


  1. I'm not sure I'm going to watch it. Are you?

    I have a lot of respect for Harvey Keitel, too, MB. I'm not surprised he feels duped.

    Instead of a political, seemingly unserious Docudrama about the Clinton Adminstration -- to *educate* this country about the path to 9/11. I wish someone would do a mini-series about the last 60 years, give or take, starting when FDR made and oil deal with Saudi Arabia.

    I *think* I'm right that he made the deal with the Saudis. Could be wrong, but I think that's right.

    It's not like 9/11 happened out of the blue. It was a very long build up.

    That's what irks me more about this Docudrama more than anything else. That we take such a recent, narrow view of history and the entire situation.

    Am I making sense? I'm not sure I'm making any sense.


    I think I may need some more coffee.


  2. Interesting that in ABC's blog for the docudrama, they responded to complaints about not involving any liberals in the creation with: We have hollywood actors and everyone knows that is liberal land. I raised a flag on this response, but they didn't publish my comment. The actors may have been liberals, I don't know, but they were in ABC and Disney's employ at the time. This is not good; really not good that they are going ahead and airing this travesty. I won't be watching ABC tonight or ever again. Same for Disney. They are outta here. P.S. I'm glad you posted your letter. Maybe it will help someone take action.

  3. peacechick mary, I love your gravatar thingy!

  4. The eggshell helmut Rules!

    I think you're right about FDR, BG. You're definitely onto something with the Middel East Oil Review. The details of the last 60 years or so would really shock a lot of people, until they fall back on the old canard that "it's worth it".


    We can't change what we've done as a nation, and much of the good over the last 60 was directly dependent 'pon much of the bad. I'm with you. I think an honest assessment of the those pros and cons would lead our country in a somewhat more Liberal direction for the future.

    Thanks the encouragement Mary!

  5. they sell what they sell. Even when the decider admits Iraq had nothing to do with what happened more than 40% of the people still think Saddam was involved. they can do any thing with the tube.

  6. I ended up watching some of it. Not all of it. The production value of the thing was not as bad as I've read in some reviews. But, whoever wrote it just couldn't get enough...

    Are there any more courageous men in Washington?

    What's Clinton going to do? Nothing? How pathetic!

    Then, quick cuts showing a TV screen with Monica's image on it...

    More dialogue slamming Clinton...

    We had our chance! It's all his fault!


    But, I do have to say, Harvey Keitel is not being totally honest. Wasn't he hearing the words he was saying? Didn't he "get it" when he read the script? It shouldn't have been that hard to figure out. His character is one that bashes Clinton continuously.

    I'm wondering if, before they show the plane's flying into the buildings, they're going to show Bush on vacation for the entire month of Aug.? How about getting that report with the headline: Bin Laden Determined To Strike Inside of the US?

    And will they show him sitting in that classroom for 7 minutes holding "My Pet Goat"?

    Doubt it.

  7. Yah. You'd think Harv might've got himself a copy and read the relevant bits in the 9/11 Report if he believed he was acting them out. Who trusts a script writer for historical accuracy???

    He doesn't play W, does he?

    I watched maybe 5 mins in the middle before just deciding I didn't want to watch it at all. I've read one Left review now, and will get more from the 'sphere.

    Thanks Blue Girl. We'll see what (if anything) happens next... I'll probably watch a little during MNF.

  8. I think I'll avoid Disney and ABC for a long, long time if not forever.

    At the same time, I may download the movie just to skim it and see for myself if it really is the piece of crap it's said to be.

    Or I'll just wait for blog reaction from those compelled to watch and dismantle it.

  9. That's kinda a problem, since I watch mostly ESPN, which is of course, owned by Disney.

    It's the 2nd biggest reason I wanted ABC to clean it up and make it more realistic than all the reviewers are saying.

    A-holes... If I gotta boycott ESPN... There's gonna be one angry letter to Disney following up the tamer one to the local affililate.

  10. I wrote my little protest letter and didn't bother to watch the crapumentary.

    Still mad at ABC for cancelling "Surface" anyway.[snort]

  11. I told B that I would never watch another movie with Keitel because of his involvement with this. This makes me feel better because he has been one of those actors for me that if he is in a movie I assumed it’s quality.


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