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Blair to Stand Down in May: Sky
LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister

Tony Blair will step down from office on May 4, 2007, Sky television said on Thursday, citing senior Labour Party members.

Blair is expected to set out a timetable for his departure from office later on Thursday in an attempt to diffuse a leadership crisis which has engulfed his ruling Labour Party.

The US has a proscription for making such a thing happen with our President.

Too bad our Congressfolk get more riled up over one lying 'bout personal issues than they do about lies over Wars and Economics.


  1. he must be tired of having the American President's hand up his butt operating him like a puppet all the time. And resistance is futile. Good for him. Sounds like he's doing an honourable thing. Getting the hell off the ride.

    Aahhh, Impeachment. Can we impeach Cheney first?

  2. Blair leaving just means that the UK will vote in the conservative party. I can't see them changing the course that blair and bush have started.

  3. We sure could Impeach Dick first. Or exclusively though it appears there's plenty of cause for inclusion, eh.

    It's hard to tell for sure from the polls, Beep. Unfortunately you may be dead-on though. The timing is weird, for sure. Labour might just have enough votes to keep the PM spot, but I don't know the characters in that drama well enough to know who'd make a good Carot.

    There's plenty of time 'til May for all sides to either screw it up or get it right. W'll see.

  4. It's a good start and he can't leave too soon as far as I'm concerned. Really, it be a smart thing for the Repubs to shove Bush and Cheney out as they are killing them in the polls. Impeach Bush and Cheney's heart will give out in the first week.

  5. Hey now, Mary.

    I was just readin' your comment from a couple days ago, again. Sounds like more Dreams trying to work themselves out, eh. I wonder what the Blair of now would've felt like back when he threw in with our Chimperor's bunch...

  6. Parliament could help that process along, I think. Blair may get handed his hat before May of next year.

    Mrs. Blair: Dear, the ministers are revolting.
    Tony: Yes they certainly are.

  7. Heh! She thinks they're revolting? She should take a look-see at the lot o' Pork Herders up on Capital Hill.



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