A Perspective Problem

It was the end of our Sophmore year at Lorain Catholic when Tom was buried. The parties at which he was always a favorite had started and, some of our friends anyhow, saw to it that Tom, though no longer able to come for the fun, should have the fun come to him.

They had a good ol' time partying on my best friend's grave. Even left a couple of roaches and plenty of empty beer cans to show how much he meant to them, and that they felt he was still one of us.

You might imagine how Tom's Mom's perspective on their version of Respects was just a little different from their own.

Seems there may be a few folks with a slightly different perspective on Steve Irwin's death by Stingray. I'm not exactly thinkin' ol' Steve would have appreciated these folks' take any more than my friend's parents did
our friends manner of dealing with a loved one's demise.

It's the kind o' thing that happens when one can't see beyond their own point of view. . .

Irwin fans 'in revenge attacks'
Stingrays have been found dead on two Queensland beaches

Dead stingrays with their tails cut off have been found in Australia, sparking concern that fans of naturalist Steve Irwin may be avenging his death.

Mr Irwin, a TV personality known as the "Crocodile Hunter", was killed while diving in Queensland when a stingray's barb stabbed him in the chest.

Since then, 10 stingrays have been found mutilated on Queensland beaches.

Government officials said they were investigating the deaths and there could be prosecutions.

Two stingrays were found at a beach north of Brisbane with their tails cut off, while eight were found on another beach on Monday, The Australian reported.

Wayne Sumpton of the state fisheries department said it was not clear if the incidents were connected to Mr Irwin's death.

He said fishermen who inadvertently caught stingrays sometimes cut off their tails to avoid being stung, but such a practice was uncommon.
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  1. Oh, man. How stupid do you have to be to "avenge" Steve Irwin like this?

    Answer: Very.

  2. It's hard to believe people could be that big of fans of Steve Irwin, and still completely miss the point of his whole life's work.

  3. The worst thing about this, IMO, is that it's probably only a couple o' head cases doing the killing. 1 or 2 nutjobs out of millions of people; tens of thousands of whom live where they have the opportunity to be just as stupid.

    And yet those tens of thousands don't do it.

    It only takes a few singular individuals to truly screw it up - whatever it might be - for everyone else.

    It works the other way as well. But that's for other posts...

  4. Another reason people cut off stingray tails is that the tail is then chopped into small rounds and sold as scallops - true! It's sad, tho that those beautiful stingrays might suffer some demented revenge. If you ever pat a stingray, you will find them to be soooo soft and smooth - like a chamois. I did that with small ones that could sting, but didn't.

  5. Oh no!! That's so terrible!! I just can't believe it. :-(

  6. Hi liked reading through this ,and agree with matt the hat

  7. We heard about this on Olbermann. Man there are some dummies out there…..

  8. I've petted dolphins (at SeaWorld) and chamois is exactly what they felt like too, Mary. Very nice. But I'll be skippin' those Stingray Scallops. No worries...

    Crazy stuff, eh folks... Sounds like "Boredom Meets Insanity" to me...

  9. "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    Albert Einstein

  10. All to human monsters though, Sumo. Just like us in most ways that count... {shakin'head}

    Iree Einstein! It'd sure be nice to have some Genius workin' on silly human details in a way which people could take to heart, eh.


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