It Caught My Eye, Then I was Past, and It. . . Lost to Me

My dreams have been weirdly mundane or realistic recently. I still have listlessly managed to lose their threads, and find myself wishing for more, without having worked up the energy to try much except
some more mere maintenance.

I keep thinking that I'll figure out what changes I need to make in order to just accept me already, but I'm still too tired and hopeless to stay focused, much less put it all together and effect them.

Where runs the white pony . . ?


  1. A lot of dreaming is simply the mind sorting and sifting and reconciling things that could not be worked through in the concious mind; especially past things that were unresolved due to lack of normal sleep back then. So, it gets a little messy, but it wouldn't be happening unless your mind knew you could deal with it and get on with your day, tired, but ok. You wake up for awhile with all this mess and then one day, you wake up and see that what happened in the past can be accepted. At that point, you have the You from back then as a freind of the You now. Sometimes, I even find out that the You who handled something in a strange way, really was very wise. Sometimes I laugh at the creativity and the quirky ways. You're ok, everything is all right. Let the healing unfold in it's own time.


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