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Senators Defy Bush On Terror Measure
Panel Backs Rival Bill On Interrogations

By Charles Babington and Jonathan Weisman

Washington Post Staff Writers

Friday, September 15, 2006; Page A01

A Senate committee rebuffed the personal entreaties of President Bush yesterday, rejecting his proposed strategies for interrogating and trying enemy combatants and approving alternative legislation that he has strenuously opposed.

The bipartisan vote sets up a legislative showdown on an issue that GOP strategists had hoped would unite their party and serve as a cudgel against Democrats in the Nov. 7 elections. Instead, Bush and congressional Republican leaders are at loggerheads with a dissident group led by Sen. John McCain (R), who says the president's approach would jeopardize the safety of U.S. troops and intelligence operatives.
I've been dreadin' posting on this. I didn't think, even with all the evidence and information supporting it (not to mention a fine reference for our Senators in these matters) that enough Republicans in the Senate would really stand up on this one as Human Beings first, partisans second.

Kudos to McCain. Those are deserved even if too many of his decisions have led to massive death totals in Iraq and elsewhere.

I mean it too. Credit where it's due. Regardless o' past offenses. Those aren't forgotten.
McCain told reporters that Hayden wants Congress to give the CIA a virtually free hand to treat detainees as it wishes so that he and his agents will be immunized against accusations of unlawful conduct. "He's trying to protect his reputation at the risk of America's reputation," McCain said. The senator noted that other nations would be more likely to abuse U.S. captives if Americans appeared to sanction such conduct.

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  1. Human rights are so basic. Why don't these creeps get it?

  2. No fan of McCain at all, but the man has endured torture so I'm guessing he took this issue a little, um, personally.

    I, too, wonder what it is they don't get about this.

  3. my personal thought is- we need to support moderate repubs- or any repubs on issues where they defy the executive branch's marching orders. we need to thank these people publicly and let them know that we support their standing up for what is right and leading the way. thanks for the start donnie!

  4. Well it's for the good of the party (GOP), really. Bush and Cheney are ballot box poison, and this allows Congressional Republicans to run... Away from W, in their campaigns...

  5. Where there is a way...there is always a reason.

  6. Good point, teh teh!

    Michael, I cannot believe you have our hottest blogger teh teh over here pimpin' it real style.

  7. Cheers and dancing party! I am so happy this has turned out this way. We all know why Bush is fighting so hard on this issue - the evidence is very clear that he and most of his administration are war criminals. He is in such deep dodo that his Daddy can not bail him out this time. Thanks for posting this.

  8. I won't deny it, AG.

    I'm extremely proud of my clientelle. I think I've got the coolest sidebar in any tube! Jeez.. Reminds me I've forgot to add Freedom Camp!

    Got it.

    This is generally regarded as a less than healthy form of expression in a marriage.

    Niiiice, Teh.


  9. Hey! You were in while I was in Mary!

    You're welcome. It sure sounds hopeful eh.

  10. I guess I am cynical but why now? What would motivate them to stand up to this guy? I just don’t trust McCain. I very much agree with Mary.


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