Equality: Evolution and Erosion

[Link] The catastrophe of enduring poverty suffered by workers -- and people who want to work -- is visible in more than just the domestic sphere. The U.S. foreign policy demands uttered by our nation's leaders increasingly suggest that wealthy U.S. corporations and their allies are the only ones in the world who should determine who has the right to eat, to survive and to develop technology.

How did "we, the people" come so far and so fast from that Declaration of 1776? It is as though the nation's new declaration to the world is "accept our terms of trade or die."

Angela Gilliam of Seattle is a cultural anthoplogist and emeritus faculty at The Evergreen State College.
Other than the fact that, in 1776 they simply didn't count the dispossessed as human so didn't even consider applying the same Rights and Standards to those mass of folk, I'd say this does sum up our current political and sociotal State of the Nation quite accurately.

So sadly so.

But we are learning about why we are as such as a species. Maybe this fall's elections will show some indication of that assertion and the godlets of war will at least be sent home to consider their deserts.

Heh! Slow, painful progress. Barring armageddon, I think its continuation is just as inevitable as our past suggests.


  1. Too many people don't even want to hear questions about this. They just watch TV and think everything's "progressing."

    But real progress is hard work.

  2. No question, Kevin. It takes diligence and support from everyone to keep it going.

  3. It will keep on, unless the peasants have an uprising. Then it balances out for awhile and the old special people slip back in again.

  4. Good article on the link!
    When they find God, he's going to be that squirelly little evil twin that people have living inside their bodies, making them do, say and believe crazy crap, and turning them into Beavis and Butthead instead of Jefferson and Franklin.

  5. The news that Sherrod Brown Yea'd on Habeas Corpus etc. makes me sick to think that I want to vote for him... It's just sick and he did it for this Red State's votes... arrrghhh!!!

    {snort} back atchya, Blueberry. {-;


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