A More Heinous Kind of Glitch

I just need to prop this article because I think Monseigneur Tutu is Spot On.

The U.S. ain't at all likely to start taking Global Arms Sales as the serious threat to our entire species that it is. Not unless there's a groundswell from the folks electing Representatives. We absolutely need the lower house of the Congress to move on this, because the Senate and the Executive branch are all about money-flow.

Arms Sales are Bigger Money than even Oil.

The Modern Successor to the Slave Trade
No longer should the peace business be undermined by the arms business
by Desmond Tutu

For many years, I've been involved in the peace business, doing what I can to help people overcome their differences. In doing so, I've also learnt a lot about the business of war: the arms trade. In my opinion it is the modern slave trade. It is an industry out of control: every day more than 1,000 people are killed by conventional weapons. The vast majority of those people are innocent men, women and children.
There have been international treaties to control the spread of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons for decades. Yet, despite the mounting death toll, there is still no treaty governing sales of all conventional weapons from handguns to attack helicopters. As a result, weapons fall into the wrong hands all too easily, fuelling human rights abuses, prolonging wars and digging countries deeper into poverty.


  1. A very old problem - and one that the US won't address as our military industrial complex is a large piece of the economy and, quite frankly, extremely well-connected politically.

    Of course, the very premise of you post is wrong. As any good American knows, a well-armed citizenry is the best defense to conflict and violent crime. We don't need fewer guns, missles and land mines, you fool, we need more!


  2. D'OH!!!

    I am heartly sorry for having offended MIC Reason. It was early. I was awake yet. Can I be flayed? Will that help?

    Oh! I know. I'll quickly go and purchase some Tanks and Bombs as my Act of Contrition.

    That's the ticket . . . ;-)

  3. Evolution has no effect on gun owners and those wishing to possess.

  4. Hi Michael.

    The good bish Des comes from my part of the world, and for much of his early career he has not been taken seriously. But he is one of the few prominent South Africans to voice dissaproval over Mugabe's governing of Zimbabwe. He is also all for promotion of condoms in SA's fight against AIDS.

    So on balance he gets my thumbs up.

    (Word verification "colaw" that refreshing blend of coke and coleslaw)

  5. God, the world is so screwed up.

    It's truly a scary place.

    And on that note...

    Hope you're all having a great day!


  6. What, and actually strike a blow against terrorism? My god man, what are you proposing!!!

  7. Tonya, I think the problem is more that Evolution doesn't give a whit who survives, so historical gun owners have managed to stay in the Gene Pool, despite their unfitness otherwise.

    Sad crap, that...

    Colaw! Thanks Stew. Now I know what's for dinner t'night!

    Hope you ain't messin' 'round up on them tiles with that stuff in ya though. Could get dicey, eh.

    Beautiful Note, BG! Thanks for spreadin' the cheer where it's needed most m'lady.

    Hey Teh, don't you worry. I already promised to make up for it by buyin' me some tanks and bombies. I'm a "good" librul. I loves ours terroristical f[r]iends. They keeps our 'conomy rollin'!


  8. The National Rifle Association is Global. Remember their motto - Guns don't kill people, people do. We should change that to guns don't kill people, people with guns do.

  9. True enough, but I'd still not give away that right.

    The right to manufacture weapons made specifically for military purposes have got to be regulated better than this. It's a moneywell though, so it will take some large percentage of the 85% who aren't millionaires to make for change in our government's financial policy priorities.

    That's the fiscal reality of the global market.


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