Jimmy Eat World

It's only rock-n-roll though, I guess . . .
In the midst of mid-'90s grunge, four childhood friends formed a band that would eventually impact modern rock of the new millennium. Jimmy Eat World formed in 1994 with kindergarten pals Jim Adkins (vocals/guitar) and Zach Lind (drums), Tom Linton (guitar/vocals), and Mitch Porter (bass). The foursome derived the band's moniker from Linton's younger brothers, Ed and Jimmy. The two had a fight one day and Ed resorted to drawing a picture of his cherubic older brother eating the world with "Jimmy Eat World" printed beneath. The band thought it was a perfect fit. Soon, they tinkered around with heavy punk rock sounds, playing small shows around their native Mesa, AZ. Influences ranged from Rocket From the Crypt, early Def Leppard, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Fugazi, and the Velvet Underground, leaving Jimmy Eat World as a work in progress.
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The highlighted part is what I wanna see a picture of. It sounds kind of apocryphal to me without the drawing linked. Google didn't find it even as a liner note.

Bleed American apparently lost its title right after 9/11, about a month or so
(?) after it was released. It's the only album of theirs I have so far, since I've not been buying much music. Closer is on the wishlist though, eh.

Blue October's been growing on me lately too.

Just sayin'


  1. Yeah, they're lying -- it's something they came up with while dropping acid, the filthy hippies...

  2. 'slong as it came outta an authentic trip and not from some corporate PR type, is good with me.


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