Not Your average run-o-the-mill Hero

You'd think I had something better to write about, but the Croc Hunter was one of the good things to come out of humanity in the last couple o' decades. I think it's important to celebrate him and remember why - though he's only one silly human who managed to gain a wide audience - what he did with his life was so normal and expectable from any of us.

Crikey! Eh mates. . . (alright.. you'll get no mo' o' that talk from me. {-; )

'Crocoseum' tribute set for Irwin

. . .

In her first statement since her husband's death, Mrs Irwin said the memorial service would be open to the public, and that people who wish to attend should make a donation to Irwin's Wildlife Warriors fund.

The venue only seats 5,500 people, but large television screens will be set up in other areas, and the event will be broadcast live on TV in Australia, the US and Asia.

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  1. This will sound korny, but whenever I hear about Steve, I think of my best friend's little boy. He watched Steve since he was about 3. He knew when he would be on, even before he knew how to tell time or even understood the concept of time. He'd pass up cartoons for Steve. He seemed to be hot for Steve or something. Wyatt lost his grandparents in a horrible car accident earlier this year. Now Steve. I feel great sorrow.

    I trust those who attend the service will understand the importance of showing Steve's family the greatest respect during this difficult time.

  2. They have called him "just an ordinary bloke". He was anything in the world but ordinary. I am still very sad about it. I think the smaller service will be appropriate and classy. It will be broadcast live, good to know. I guess Wednesday = Tuesday as they live in our future down under.


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