I TOTALLY forgot (typical o' me, I'm afraid) what was happening today.

I'll be getting the IMPEACH face up, but I can't do it right now.

It'll supercede all else come 5:00 though.

In the meantime, Blueberry has provided some excellent linkage in honor of the occasion.


  1. I got the thing going, now the next trick will be seeing if I can get the old blog back - play scary music here.

  2. No worries Mary!!! I'll stop on by to see you're blog lookin' like ya like it in just a few.


  3. Dude, your's and mine were the only two blogs I could find that did the whole black page thing. Wonder what happened? Was it too much of a pain-in-the-ass? I have my own domain and hosting, so for me it was easy to do the index maniupulation.

  4. I saw a couple of 'em Kvatch. But there were several where the folks even said they just were too nervous 'bout the operation.

    You're a skilled amphibian, and I take chances with PCs for a living, so I'm not too surprised that more folks didn't try it.

    Truth is, I may just put that Template up once a week or so, just cuz it looks so darned good! I think I've figured out how give folk access to my site even with the big IMPEACH on there. Gonna test that later today.

    Thanks for noticin' amigo.

  5. Well, like I said, I own and host it myself at 1and1. So for me it was easy to just tell Blogger to use "" as my blog index. Then I created the "Impeach" page as index.html.

    That way you get the impeach page if you just go to, and all the other pages remain consistent as comments come in. The trick for Blogspot users seems to be to get keep the impeach page from getting wiped out the first time your blog's index get's rewritten. Not sure how to do that.

    Personally I think that self-hosting is the only way to go...for many reasons.

  6. Damn. PTCruiser and I forgot to... Although in his defense, I think he was sick.

  7. i figured with all of the problems blogger was having lately i would not tempt fate. besides- there is nothing anywhere that has the word indict on it and that is the direction i want to go. it isn't enough simply to impeach. these people need to be arrested, indicted, convicted and imprisoned. i will take impeach and indict for now- and i posted on my own to that effect.


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