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Somalians are part of an ethic conflict which seems unending. That duration allows for a lot of sociological phenomena to be studied for cause and effect and the synergies arising from contact with the world outside their borders. This article uses the term "islamists" a few times within quotes from folks in the town of Baidoa. Get to the whole story though, and you've gotta wonder whether that's a religious or a purely political term.

My point being that there is no difference as long as stability and political equanimity are being provided.

One thing which empirically destroys the neo-con world warriors' proscription for attaining peace is the fact that a main part of the goal is to Not Kill People, but to simply ensure those people's safety as they go on about their lives.

[- Link -] Despite the fears, on the outside, life is carrying on as normal.

Although the government has not yet set up a civil service, many people have come to depend on it since it arrived in the town last year.

Hotels, car-owners and communication firms rely on the custom of MPs, as does camel milk-seller Faduma Madey.

"Before the government I used to spend the whole day here, selling milk without much benefit but now, I sell all my milk in a few hours," she says.

"I believe this is the result of peace, God save our town from another conflict."


Traders say the prices of most basic items have fallen by about 20% since the government established itself in the town.

So maybe it's not God, but having a stable relationship with your own government sure seems to make deadly violence less commonplace. That peace results in business getting done and people eating and sleeping without wondering if they'll wake up dead.

Think about Iraq for a second. Remember the causes of the Crusades and Ottomon expansion into Europe. Study any Asian conquests and the height of Rome to see what supports and provides Peace, and why Gods and other Politicians bring Hell out of their fears and delusions and "help" to manifest it right here on the Earth, wher
e every person Shares the Only world in which we all actually live, irrespective of everyone's individual belief about "other worlds".
But businessmen say food prices are still more expensive than in the capital, Mogadishu, which the UIC seized in June.

In Mogadishu, the check-points manned by gunmen who used to extort money from passers-by have been dismantled, leading to a fall in prices.

Part of the road between Baidoa and Mogadishu is manned by freelance gunmen allied to neither the government nor the Islamists.

"Our goods pass through eight check-points where gunmen impose taxes," said businessman Isgow Ibrahim.

He just wants those gunmen removed, to make easier and goods cheaper.

But he does not care whether they are taken out by the government or the Islamists.

[BBC News: Baidoa, Somalia]


  1. Okay, so how do we in the US enjoy this type of stability?

    I kid, but, man, we seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

  2. We headed the wrong direction when we allowed Bushitler to win the election.

    The world is scarier because of him. Don't fool yourself.

  3. And I think it's a direction which Clinton temporarily interrupted with his Admin's approach to the end of the Cold War. "Bu**expletive**ler" (D'oh! lol!) and his handlers are obsessed with having enemies who are unequivocally "evil", thereby making themselves such in the cause of their own perception of "good".

    Goes back to that whole "C Students make C Decisions" phenomenon...

    I'm one of the last people to be tellin' other folks how to live their lives. I'm just pointing out that the government's obligation is simply to ensure our Right to do so as we see fit, within a context of billions of other people doing the same.

    Even "Stability" has to be defined as a relative kinda thing. It can still get better if we're just persistent in calling BULL**expletive** and supplying reality checks and opinions and observations.

  4. Condi made excuses for the difficulties in Somolia by saying it has been at war for 40 years. Then, in the same breath, she frowned and looked stern and said, "It has got to stop." Yeah, like Condi can do that because she has the nukes to back her up. You are right, it is the job of a government to maintain some sort of stability for the majority of the people. Here, it is only for the uber rich while the rest of us get blown about. Well done, Michael.


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