ABC's 9-11 Docuganda

I've been meaning to post on this for, what... about a week now? Since I first heard of it, at any rate.

What a bunch o' lying bastards over at ABC. If any of their top Execs have actually watched what we're hearing is in this docuganda, one can only guess they'd rather have tools like Dubya in office for the sake that such has only furthered the monopolization of the Mainstream Media by an extraordinarily small group of conglomerates.

Clickin' on the pic will take you to a page with a pre-fab letter of protest and request for information about ABC's intentions with this release. The following is the wee bit which I just
had to add on my own.
Disney can paint fantasies for the young in all of us. Like stories of Santa and Snow White and heroes galore, they convey messages which adults recognize as Desirable and children can use to become whole and healthy adults.

THIS kind of make-believe is only going to result in more ignorance and death and ABC's executives are shameful for letting it through without rectifying the obvious and demonstrable Lies it propounds.

Please correct your mis-information before allowing this - perhaps otherwise well-produced - bit of drama to be aired.


Michael Bains
Lots o' folks (thanks Tonya and Matt and others I can't now recall!) have posted this, or another link, for us to let ABC know what we think of the news of the particular inaccuracies contained in the flick. Thanks to all y'all for remindin' me that this is unquestionably a great way for us regular, non-politically-connected folk to take action against the iniquities pervasive in our current form of Democracy.



  1. I thing the question of will ABC air the infomercial for the Right Wing under the guise of docudrama, is probably taking bets in Vegas. I wrote them too. I hope if they do air it, they all get their pants sued off for libel.

  2. That sure sounds inevitable if the folks they're supposedly quoting are showing where they're misquoted.

    Crazy days, eh...


  3. I sent in a message too. This thing stinks, if the reports are even partially accurate re the content.

  4. For a moment, I thought this was about them buying to that Loose Change nuttery. Glad they aren't.

    They're still lying jerks after their woo infomercials for people like "John of God," but at least it's an order or two of magnitude less than I was worrying. That's still not exactly good news, though.


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