Survival Times

"So places in say South Wales would have gone from something that looked like North Africa with hippos, elephants, rhinos and hyenas, to the other extreme: to an extraordinary cold environment like northern Scandinavia."
Chris Stringer
Natural History Museum of London

Despite some awesome work done in Antartica over the last few decades, which is hopefully not to be lost, it may be
too little too late if, once an Ice Age starts, it won't be stopped until it's run its course.

Our warming up the planet with CO will have some equally devastating consequences. We really have to take our species' impact on the atmosphere of our planet more seriously than we have. We've learned the basics of Industrialism. Now we need to fine tune those in harmony with both Individualism AND Nature irrespective of Homo.

We'll just need to regroup and learn from our mistakes. The U.K. may be emptied out, and tens, maybe even hundreds of millions of folk will prematurely die in the coming century or so. I really think the species will survive; though in what civilizational form is still a reserve of SF epics rather than this average blog.

As choppy as it sometimes is, I still believe in Rational Human Progress.


  1. Funny. I'm in fact writing an SF novel, a small sub-plot of which deals with this...

  2. Sehr kuhl!

    Do be lettin' me know when you've finished it, Teh.

    I'll be sure to post if I ever start one.

  3. It is bizarre how the Repubs are pandering to the old vets, polishing their speech and druming up a lot of voters who will be dead soon. Rational Human Progress - that sounds like a good slogan for us to stay with.


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