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US Senate backs terror trial bill

The US Senate has passed controversial legislation endorsing President George W Bush's proposals to interrogate and prosecute foreign terror suspects.

The 65-34 vote followed Thursday's backing by the House of Representatives for almost identical legislation.

The new bill could be signed into law by the president within a few days.

Under the new legislation, special tribunals will be set up to question and try suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
[BBC Article]
I've said it before that I could see some limited depression of Habeas Corpus for non-citizen suspects. I don't like it, especially because I don't trust the current Deciders, but I understand where the fact that there are terrorist orgs makes necessary some kind of special powers available to the Intelligence Community for a LIMITED time.

The same is true for electronic surveillance; as long as the courts are included with Warrants within the time given in the F.I.S.A. legislation.

There is No Way that "subtle" forms of torture such as any form of physical manipulation to induce disorientation and fear can be considered acceptable behavior for a government sworn to uphold the United States' Constitution. There simply isn't.

Amendment VIII - Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Ratified 12/15/1791.

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX - Construction of Constitution. Ratified 12/15/1791.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Even though we know this Admin will Decide Legality with its own Ends in mind, the Congress still see's an Executive need and gives it up for a few years. I'll honor that intellectually and under the circumstances.

But if I've gone and created circumstances under which someone is willing to
kill themself and others, regardless of the innocence of my intentions or my (in)ability to see where what I've done in their home has offended them, how could I possibly ignore the need to be changing my own behavior in regards to their concerns?

And instead of looking at what causes of terroristic hysteria certain changes in our policies in the Middle East might well alleviate, our Congress has gone and created more drastic curtailments of Human Rights for the entire world to see how intractable we can be in our desire to still be considered the most important and and powerful and
Righteous nation in that world. In effect, we are saying that Law doesn't matter and we have a right to abuse others in order to deal with our fears.

What makes me sickest is that Sherrod Brown signed onto this apparently inhuman legislation. I knew Mike D would do so, but Sherrod . . . {shakin'head} He's being as shortsighted and politically opportunistic here as he is in his handling of "Free Trade" concerns. Both times, I believe he stepped
just on the other side of that thin line of compromise.


  1. I just can't see how this legislation could possibly make it through the Supreme Court. I think they knew that going in, but wanted a bat to beat Democrats. I'm hoping it will backfire on them. Good post - let's hope.

  2. The Court will most likely decide it's an "interpretive" issue, and as long as the Congress has covered it in legislation, the Execute can, well, execute it as it will.

    I'm afraid that too many people in America will turn the other way if their personal fears are somewhat assuaged, and cruel - but not so unusual from their POV - tactics will be considered OK. It's just like beating your kids with a belt or simply for most every mistake or rule broken. Pain and Fear only work where compassion and understanding are beyond people.

    Yet Hope is kept alive.

  3. I can't agree on the suspension of habeus corpus, nor the granting to the president extraordinary powers "for a limited time." A willing senate granted Ceaser his powers, and the powers of his successors. Further, everyone in the White House is now talking about this "war" on terror lasting decades. When does this end? Never. The erosion of the checks and balances of our republican form of government over the past 100 years was made painfully apparent these past few years as a single party, walking in lock-stop, controlled the two most significant branches of the government (with the power to nullify much of the power of the third branch).

    And because of the gerrymandering of congressional districts, it is nearly impossible to elect a person beholden to the mixture of his environment. Instead his/her constituency is the ready made Republican or Democratic voter.

    Further, they're not showing Bob Newhart re-runs any more.

    These are bad times.

  4. Other than the gorgeous wives, I think Colbert's schtick has fill the Newhart Void pretty well. It's the Dead-Pan that does it.

    Ideally, ideologically even, I totally agree with you and how our History has shown far too much movenment away from a balance of power. I blame the electorate and their BUYing into the bloated and artificial patriotism being sold by Feds since post Teddy Roosevelt.

    This is definately an oppurtunity missed for our freaking "Leadership" in the Congress.

  5. Isn't this truly frightening? I mean, truly? It is to me. I'm not sure it's just my imagination that can tend to run wild, thinking about 5-10 years from now and what our futures could look like...or if it's realistic to be so freaking scared of what they're doing to this country.

    And I think they are relying on attitudes just like mine to keep doing this stuff.

    I love Bob Newhart! In a he's just a fictional TV character to me sort of way.

    But, I'm going to MARRY Colbert one day. In a real-life, imagination running wild sort of way.


  6. BG loves Bob Newhart? Does Blue Boy now about this?

  7. In fact, I am so mad about all of this, in honor of BG -- I am hitting every Barnes and Nobles this weekend and turning over EVERY book on Bush, Repulicans, religion and Coulter.

    I may also burn a Ben Shapiro book or two.

  8. Sounds like a BEE-U-T-FUL plan of Action, oh Adorable One!

    But I'm thinkin' "Blue Boy" may have more of a problem with BG's plan to MARRY Monsiguer Colbert than any ol' crush she did to be havin' on the Bob.

    That's Crazy if ya asks me.


  9. I'm going to take a little different approach. I'm now on a crusade to call out every Senator--from every state in which I've lived--that voted for the detainee/torture bill a traitor. Not a veiled post, nor a comment on another blog. But right up front where everybody can see it.

    This is no longer an abstract discussion. As you so rightly pointed out, these spineless sheep violated their oaths of office. They placed the President above the Constitution. In essence they've betrayed their country by making themselves enemies of the Constitution.

    First up...Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas.


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