Sacrifices?! For the Neocon Rich?!!?

What they hell. Dude (Levey) acts like they've never suspected Iran of funding Terrorists. Near the end of the story, he broaches the REAL bomb in this Long Overdue maneuver: the World Trade leaders are gonna hafta make "sacrifices".

"Sacrifices?!?! What the hell. . ? Ain't it only them dumb-ass poor SOBs s'posed to be making sacrifices???

A-Holes... Stop spittin' shit and deal with the fact that individual rights for "Business" don't trump individual rights for individuals en masse. Wealth is a created resource. The power which creates it is always more important than the Capital Accumulation factor; whether that be financial, religious or secular political Capital.

[Link] "We will no longer allow a bank like Saderat to do business in the American financial system, even indirectly," Levey said.

The move by the U.S. Treasury comes as the Bush administration is encountering some difficulty persuading allies to move ahead with
United Nations sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program.

The United States has made the point that it intends to keep pressure on Iran, no matter what the U.N. does.

Levey also said it was important for governments and the private sector to take whatever measures were necessary to stop Iran from advancing "dangerous policies" in future.

"The next steps may involve sacrifice, but I think that people are beginning to recognize that the costs we face now pale in comparison to those we might face in the future if Iran does not change course," Levey said.


  1. something sounds familiar here - could it be, "imagine what would happen if Iran had nuclear weapons" and "imagine a mushroom cloud". These guys are playing the same song. I hope no one decides to dance with their tune.

  2. folks- you need to start preparing now for a siege. store food and water and matches. things are going to get ugly as these asses get more desperate.


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