"Defend the Great Writ"

Here's the Big One for Impeachment. I've indicated before that I think the whole Wire-Tap crap is already accounted for by the F.I.S.A.,* and all Dubya & Co need to do is follow its proscriptions and the Constitution will be intact; subverted by essential relativism, but that's how life and human ideas evolve. It can handle it IMHO.

Just as humanity as evolved
away from torturing each other.

The Center for Constitutional Rights has one of those awesome forms which you can use to send your Senator the message that you find our Chief Executor's archaic belief in ANYONE's RIGHT to torture living beings and his dictatorial disdain for our U.S. Constitution to be unacceptable Policies for them to support.

How many times have you heard somebody say "we should cut
their heads off!" when the topic is the attrocities committed by Terrorist groups across the world? Yes. OUR people - we - (gee. Go figger...) are as capable of such base and archaic thinkin' as homo sapients of any culture and every continent. The slope from "humiliation" to "beheading" is not slippery in most cases. It is inevitable.

The first bit (in green) is my own preamble to the CCR standard letter to your Senators.
Howdy Senators Please don't let this backsliding on Political Responsibility become law. Please don't let America continue to earn the Shame of the World's people for ignoring humane rights; no matter what inhumanities have been committed.

Even our Enemies are Humans. If we fail to see them that way, as they are, then we fail to see ourselves behaving every bit as degenerately.

The rest is from CCR and I support its message and echo its request for you to Vote for Specter-Levin's Habeas Amendment.

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to vote for the Specter-Levin Amendment to the military commissions bills when it is introduced and save the right of habeas corpus.

Both bills (the Military Commissions Act of 2006 [S.3901] and the Bringing Terrorists to Justice Act of 2006 [S.3861]) include provisions which would deny people – even U.S. citizens taken prisoner abroad – the right to challenge their detention in U.S. court. There is no more fundamental check on executive power than the right of habeas corpus. Passing these bills without the Specter-Levin Amendment would grant an unprecedented degree of power to the Presidency.

The current drafts of these bills also cut back on hard-fought victories of victims of sexual violence to hold their perpetrators accountable. This will affect not only women and men detainees subject to sexual violence and abuse, but will set standards that will have a far-reaching affect on the rights of rape and sexual violence victims worldwide.

I join the Center for Constitutional Rights in calling on you to defend democracy and preserve the most fundamental of all rights. Vote 'Yes' on the Specter-Levin Amendment, remove any attempts to redefine torture from the bills, and vote to defend the most fundamental democratic right.

* And "spying" on Bank Accounts has its own set of rules which seem to have stable enforcement.

** You can send my part too, if you want. Feel Free {-;


  1. I'm with you on this one. I added my own juice as well, but I like your statement better. Well done.

  2. :)) Peacechick, you're sweet! {-;

    I'm glad you sent one in as well. This issue is about our definitions of humans and whether everyone alive deserves the right to be called such.

    ANYONE who de-humanizes another person - no matter what their reasoning (or lack there-of) - is giving license to Everyone to do the same thing.

    THAT's a Fundamentalist Belief I hold to.

  3. dude... you nailed it.

    Our anti-abortion, anti-science, pro war, death penalty, torture and religion president makes me so proud to be an American.

  4. If Bird and I had Senators with a brain we would send it.


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