Summer Beauty

This is just a little of what's bloomin' in the backyard these days.

I gotta give him props.
My landlord has definitely got himself a green thumb.


  1. oh wow, that's nice. Your landlord does good!

  2. Wow! What a nice flower! Flowers have to be care like humans. Thanks for your landlord, he did a good job. :-)

  3. good landlords are few and far between but a gardening landlord...that's a find.

  4. A veritable bower of blossoms. Do the flowers attract butterflies and birds? Very pleasant for it being in Cleveland...;)

  5. The birds (and bugs) are everywhere!

    Yesterday, I saw my first Monarch of the year. Come late August, they'll be thick as clouds in parts of town near the rivers and lake Erie.

    These are all reasons it really is hard not to love living in NE Ohio. Blizzards and all! LOL!


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