Blogroll of Post for Peace

Below is the blogroll for the July 4, 2006 Post For Peace celebration which was initiated and grandly hosted by the wonderful Glenda in the Land of Oz!

Once again, my hopes for a beautiful Independence Day to all who have read and contributed, and to lovers of Peace and livers of life, throughout our big little planet.


Earl Bockenfeld's Radio Weblog
Tnkrkell in Space or a Gay Grad Girl Growing Out
Elizabeth Branford- Consider The Boot
B Shilliday-LeftofCenter
Advocate 1 and Brandon-Coalition for a Republic Free America
Enigma4ever - Watergate Summer
Sumo - Summo Merriment
Pinkfem- Pinkfeminist
Beth - Here I Am
James - Genius Of Insanity
Betmo - Life's Jouney
Celtic Fire - celticfire
Weezielou - weezielou
Divajood - Journeys With Jood
Michael Bains - Silly Humans
Peacechick Mary - Knock Knock
BZ - Intrepid Flame
JM - John's Blog
Stella - Swiftspeech
Mary - Get Your Own
guerillasinthe midst - GUERRILLASintheMIDST
Dizzy Dezzi - I'm Jus' A Lil' Dizzy!
Time - Time
The Poetryman - Poetic Justice
Pissed Off Patricia - Morning Martini
Neil Shakespeare
Sarah - An American Aries
Charlie - Highland
Lorraine - Here's The Thing
Snave - Various Miseries
Libby - The Impolitic
Lew Scannon - Unbrainwashed
Ron Nasty - The Nasty Page
Diane S. - A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door...
Grish - The Weekly View
Ann - The Tulgey Wood
A Rose Is A Rose - Ravings Of A Semi-Sane Madwoman
Changeseeker - Why Am I Not Surprised?
Kvatch - Blognonymous
Cali - Nite Swimming
Dusty - It's My Right To Be Left Of Center
Steve O. - Naked Politics
John Good - Left In Aboite
Tabor - One Day At A Time
Angie - Ang's Weird Ideas
Donnie McDaniel - The Katrinacrat Blog
Glenda - Glenda In The Land Of Oz
Elizabeth Branford - The Blue Republic
Anita- Desiderandum
RJB- Words Have Power
Robin Andrea-Dharma Bums
Amy- Assembly of Divine Realities
Elizabeth Branford - Lose The Noose


  1. Great to have been part of this and glad to have found your blog!

    Happy 4th -

  2. Roll on Peace Train!
    Bring your banners!
    Bring your warble on by!
    Roll on!
    Roll on Peace Train!
    Warble your bravery to the sky!
    Roll on!
    Roll on!
    Roll on!
    Roll on!
    Roll on!

  3. Was proud to be a part of this effort:)

    I have reading reading some of your other posts as well. Have a wonderful day!

  4. wow, michael ... i'm feeling so unworthy in light of the amazing efforts made by glenda in particular, as well as you and all the other bloggers ... i have so much admiration and respect for y'all.

    and anita, well, i'm obviously just a slug taking up too much of the rapidly diminishing air on the planet.


  5. Y'all rock! lol!

    Anita!? You are one of my favorite people in Blogland, M'Lady! Honest and true, and there will always be a backup bottle o' O2 4 U in my Silly Human Survival kit!

    RAmen mi'miga!!!!1!

  6. add me!
    add me!!
    add me!!!
    add me!!!!

    As she jumps around in an obsessive compulsive manner..

  7. IT has been an awesome ride, eh?


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