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If our nation's priorities were more rationally conceived and less indulgent of the more violent and defensive of our inclinations, NASA's budget would not be a thing to be short-changed AND used against it politically.

We could spend the money needed to ensure the safety of this most fabulous and technologically, culturally and economically beneficial of all our human endeavours, and still have so much more for rational funding for Health and Education AND legitimately targeted tax relief.

For the nonce, I'm just gonna celebrate Discovery's "fortuitously" delayed lift off.

Much success and a safe return home to her astronauts!

Liftoff: Discovery soars on July 4th
By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - In a majestic Independence Day liftoff, Discovery and its crew of seven blasted into orbit Tuesday on the first space shuttle launch in a year, flying over objections from those within NASA who argued for more fuel-tank repairs.

NASA's first-ever Fourth of July manned launch came after two weather delays and last-minute foam trouble that added to worries that have dogged the space agency since Columbia was doomed by a flyaway chunk of fuel tank insulation foam 3 1/2 years ago.

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  1. Just reading in a story about the liftoff that it was pushed through over safety objections because the whole shuttle fleet is being mothballed in 2010 to make way for Bush's "moonship". Someone should tell George we've been there, done that. Nothin' there. Landscape a bit like Texas, but no brush to clear. No way to get 'crisp'. They actually used that word "moonship". I hope they name it BUSH'S FOLLY. So how do we now maintain satellites and telescopes and space stations, etc?

    And thanks for your kind words on "SIMBLEDON". I really should try to make prints available. Any suggestions as to whiz-bang printers?

  2. Ohhh.. I'm sure ol' Dubya could find a less productive way to get 'crisp' then you've educated us about. Wouldn't doubt his reason for shootin' the moon, er, for the moon is so's he can start a li'l hydroponix plant out yonder, dontchyaknow. Then he'll also have a place to get away from that pesky ol' "far off" Global Warming deal while he's at it!

    Smart man, our Chimperor. {-;

    And "moonship" they do call it in this AP story as well! LOL! Oy freakin' vey...

    You know, I really appreciate the idea of a base on the moon, but they've simply got more practical USE for an orbital space station; for exactly the issues you've mentioned.


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