Typists, Start Your Knuckles!

How fast do you type mi blogonista bros y sistahs? Peacechick Mary posted this link, and I guessed my own speed pretty accurately at 55wpm.

Give 'er a go.


  1. My high school typing teacher (late 1970s ugh) would penalize us heavily for errors. Of course that was in the days of typwriters when the only option was retyping the whole page because "backspace and retype" just made a mess of things...

  2. 67 - that's way better than I thought.

  3. Mark, those things must of sucked. About as bad as calling your work nemesis who you know e-mail to say, "I hate you."

  4. I have a memory that my best friend and I got caught cheating in typing class in 11th grade -- in Mr. Gunning's typing class.

    Now. Can I ask if that's EVEN possible? I really think I'm misremembering that.


    I got 76!

  5. Yer hilarious BG!

    And apparently a pretty good typerer. ;)


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