. . . Absolutely Nothin'


  1. that's what neitzche said, bro

  2. I always considered Nietzche in a similar class as Ayn Rand. Idealists who examined hard core extremities of thought which have little practical application in the real, human world.

    Though I've heard from logitians that the former could've run circles around the latter in that field.

    Were I teaching HS Pol Sci or Literature, I'd make them both required reading, along with bits o' the Bible, B-Ghita and Koran.

  3. I always have my speakers off when I'm visiting blogs but today I had them on when I came here. I'm blown away by the song. Do you always have auto music?

  4. Hey now POP!

    Nope. That's from a post down a ways and, actually, I was hopin' I could turn off the autoplay feature, but I can't. And I'm kinda glad cuz it is such a cool song.

  5. Well, looking at the cartoon, then watching the little monkey and listening to the song, was a nice little experience for me and my inner child.

  6. The world is a very sad place right now. It's a very volatile and scary times. It's most worrisome with such an ineffective leader at the helm.

  7. Yah it be, AG. And even scarier since there're so many monkeys just like him, all thinkin' they've got some kinda right to kill people, just because someone else has been killed.

    Freakin' government vigilanteeism is all it amounts.

    You gotta be strong to turn that other cheek, and everyone who claims strength of arms is merely showing how weak they really are as people.

    Rage on a blog, or in the gym. Then use yer freakin' brain to swallow some pride and change just a little in order to show Real Good Faith. The alternative is innocents dying and more blood yet to be shed.

    ... {sighhh} ...

  8. Uhhmm.. by "you" I don't mean you. But I think you knew that so... {-;


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