The Credit DeWine Would Have Got . .

. . is nothing compared to the virtue he could have shown by eschewing such a dishonorable and disengenous group of loons from the start.

From the Center for American Progress.

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) "has pulled an image of a burning World Trade Center from a campaign commercial attacking Rep. Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) record on national security because the image was a fake." The spot was produced by the firm responsible for the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" ads.


  1. First of all, I'm in advertising and it's *my* job to show graphical representations -- you know -- when it comes to Romanburgers!

    But *not* when it comes to the WTC. Typical Republicans -- probably too cheap to pay for footage. OR! even better -- so out of the loop they don't realize there are like 92,716.5 million *real* images out there.

    Everyone on both sides know it's a ploy to use that in a TV spot anyway.

    It *does* cheapen the experience of that day, in my opinion anyway.

  2. First of all, LOL!

    I know a few folks in Advertising, and it's always good to hear your takes "from the inside." Just because you think something "works", doesn't make it ok to use it.

    Secondly, it's ALWAYS great to have a Blue Girl comment waiting in my Inbox after lunch. Makes the afternoon that much more pleasant.

    Thanks BG. {-;

  3. I think the "swift boating" bs is about sunk. People are thinking about more than 9-11 these days. They are thinking about the events of the hour more seriously than they were in 2004

  4. Because they are the Fake party....the messages that come out of this administration have no tranparency or truth, they provide the role model and leadership for other politicians of their ilk, they all seek to manipulate, press for thier advantage at any price...I agree with PoP, Americans are growing weary of feelling manipulated by their bs.

  5. I agree too. Folks are gettin' sick of hearing their spin. Not all of 'em, and not only the cranks are still buying into it, but most people realize that we're gonna have terrorists to deal with no what this Admin does; maybe barring all out war on the 3 to 5 major Islamic nations whence al Qaida and Hizbollah get their funding.

    Whatever the case, it is quite unfortunately nowhere near over. At least these elections promise to move the Congress back towards the middle by replacing Wingnut extremists with Status Quo "liberals" AND a few true progressives. It's a start anyhow.

  6. Yes, he's right -- I would much rather watch the real footage of Americans, my loved ones, burning up into nothing and jumping from windows. What a tool.


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