I am your shepherd. You shall want!

Since weirdness rules, and I'm generally in need of an extra buck or two, I've decided to take Blueberry's and Neil's advice and start my own cult.

Beep! Beep!'s admonishment has worked to weird me up to a linky love call for worshippe.. er.. workers towards a new and greater cause. One I'll come up with once I get enuff tribute for the ol' Prophetical Inspiration to kick in!

Betmo and Stardust have shown that there are good folk, ripe for the seducin', and Blue Girl... well... Don't let her temporary bout of irreducible indecisivity fool ya here. For she shall be the Judge and Arbitress of this flock! Y'all better have yer cookies chewy and crumblin' to perfection when workin' on this collective.

I've yet to check, but I'm pretty sure I can get a Bronze watch Dog to skeptically roam the perimeter of our new Shangri Sill-Lah compound.


Alright... that's enough empire buildin' for one morning. Gotta go work for The Man 'til my flock has manifested to a large 'nuff mob that I can afford to quit monkeyin' 'round fixin' PCs.

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  1. You will need to get yourself a new cult-leader name now that you are a Prophet... er, Profit. And some cool shoes, and a sash of some kind. Pointy hat maybe?

  2. What a coincidence !! I've actually been thinking that I'm getting more than a little tired of the stress caused by the need to think my own thoughts and make my own decisions. I was considering checking out a friendly cult or two. It was either that, or find a husband. The former seemed the most practical solution.

    Sooo MB, consider me a potential member of your flock (that is, as long as the dues are not too much of a hardship, in which case I'll have to re-start the husband search) !!


  3. Thanks POP! Oh wait... I don't know if this cult does luck. I'll hafta meditate on that one.

    I'm thinkin' on callin' meself The Nameless One, BB. Or maybe Necrocleptoskepto Sillypolous. Whichever goes better with the new sash and hat. Boots are taken care of. {-;

    Ahhh... Little Lamb Anita. Just your presence and husbandless innocence will surely pay your dues in this family of sundry weirdlings and free folk of all natures. (Just don't quit yer regular gig until our prayers our answered by my cousin, the Lottery God.)

    Hhmmm.. Looks like things are progressin' nicely here. Think I'll get some lunch.

  4. How about you call yourself "Tim"? But then, of course, you'd be called pretentious.

  5. Dammit all! There go my 3rd and 4th name options!

    {sighhh} Tim is too pretentious. That'd be fine if it were sincere pretension, but I'm generally mis-referred to as Brian, (I've NO idea why) and I believe some guy named Python has already used that moniker for a salvatory despot.

    Thanks for teh ideas, though.

  6. You could probably learn how to do it from L Ron Hubbard...

  7. love your blog...linking you up...great another Ohio person...lol...

  8. I am working on those cookies. Working I say. And I add that BG looks lovely today.

  9. Well Jay, I have studied Elrond. I'm thinkin' he's a bit more believable, eh. {-;

    Thx E4E! I'm lovin' Pete Gabriel's Imagine as I type. Will gladly slot you into my sidebar as well.

    And, oh my AG... You led me on a wild BG chase with yer comment. I read it and headed on back to see if she'd posted the park guy's pic. Alas.. 'twas not to be.

    I hope I can find the gumption(?) to tender a baked good to compete, though I've no doubt that you are workin' hard for the cause. idéal des biscuits! I think I'll make that the cults battle cry!

    Wow! I'm thinkin' this thing may be just about ready for Tax Exempt status.

    Thanks everyone!

  10. All hail the Sacred Biscuit! And if the heathens deny Our Truth, we'll overcook the bread and throw it at them...

    Oh... biscuits... flour ... wheat ... pasta...

    It all comes back to the One God, FSM.

  11. RAmen brother Jay. Methinks that with thy knowledge of the Chiliasts, and of his Noodly Oneness, thou wilst maketh a Great Rock of the Bainsidians once the infidels have martyredeathed me.

    errr, or somethin'.. {-;


    Holy Macaroni! My weird verification word is gqpeecda I think we should see it as a sign.



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