World Traveling Music

I'm feelin' kind o' lost again lately. Better than I have been, but none the less needing some direction.

Anita's provided a little traveling music which is just about the perfect companion for this particular journey.

Thanks Amiga. I needed that.


  1. wish our gov't was as "lost" as you michael

  2. your post is blank. Cannot read/see a word...

  3. Ay caramba! I don't know what to say.. It looks fine from here, and the last commenter could read it.

    Try this link. It's to an old song I loved growing up, and still enjoy thoroughly.

    And, me too, Rory. There's always someone to replace those guys. I'm kinda goin' it, nearly all alone right now. At least I feel like I've friends on the internets, so I'll make it back to "normal".

  4. Once not blind, now I see!!!


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