An Inconvenient Truth

Guess I'm gonna hafta wait for the DVD. It won't catch it in Theatre before the last area showing on Thursday.

"Enjoy" the trailer.


  1. i'm too lazy and agoraphobic to go to the movies, so i 'saved' it to my netflix (along with 'the devil wears prada' and 'thank you for smoking') ... which means, i assume, i'll get it shortly after it comes on on dvd.

    although, the film and al gore have been getting so much press, i feel like i actually HAVE seen it !!

  2. LOL That's still one of the reasons I DON'T do certain things, even though I may otherwise really want to.

    {shakin'head} I really gots ta get this rebelliousness outta my system some day.

    Or not. {-;


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