No Truer Words . . .

"There is something fundamentally wrong with a war where there are more dead children than armed men... It has to stop."

U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland


  1. Excellent quote.

    I'm sure Bush is working up an excellent quote, too, and will have it ready in time for publication of his memoirs in 2023.

  2. It just doesn't get any uglier than it is right now - I hope not anyway. Stay cool.

  3. I agree that more children and woman are killed,No good will come of this ,Hope things change for the better.
    Wish you well

  4. Why the hell doesn't bush get on the phone and stop this thing? Does he enjoy watching people get killed? I sure does appear that way

  5. When I saw the video on the news last night of the wounded and dead kids being pulled from that one building -- I couldn't take it.

    So sad.

    ****I'm sure Bush is working up an excellent quote, too, and will have it ready in time for publication of his memoirs in 2023.


    KW, I bet you'll be first in line to buy it, too -- huh? :)

    MB, go check out Neddie Jingo's Zappa video. I think you'll like it

  6. The way things are goin', and while I'm naturally more optimistic 'bout everything but moi, I do be wonderin' if we're gonna make it to 2023...


    Thanks for the tip BG. I'll definitely be checkin' the Zappavid.

  7. OH MY GOD! Think of the CHILDREN!!!

    Please, 6 billion people + religious stupidity = dead children. Get used it.

    This may seem like a troll, but let's step back and truly think about what we're discussing. Right now Solmalia and Ethiopia are having the same exact war that Lebanon and Israel is having: one side has determined their way is better.

    It's not about resources, or poverty, or need: it's about proving who is right.

    You can easily clip the quote to: "There is something fundamentally wrong with a war" - but then, who'd think of the children if you said that.

  8. No troll charges NJ. You're unfortunately quite on target.

    I really think that History shows we've made progress. There're a LOT of obvious negations to that assertion, but I think we'll make it beyond our violent nature, without losing the drive to succeed indomintably which is so fundamentally connected to our freakin' species' cultural evolution.

    So I'll keep on the way I am blog-wise. Hopefully get a little more aggressive personally while I'm at it though.

    Thanks for the comment, and I do mean it. Ain't nuthin' as cut an' dry as we'd like it to be, is it...

  9. I've actually been thinking about the point that neuraljazz made above for the last couple of weeks.

    I'm not sure how to come to terms with it, except to say that we should all work towards some sort of anti-violence attitude toward all people everywhere.

    I just see kids in Somalia carrying AK-47s, or kids in Lebanon with their legs blown off. Kids anywhere. And I just relate them to my own. And I would hope no one would think his life is so cheap and easily discarded.

    It just doesn't seem to me that violence works. It's just a cycle that keeps looping around, year after year.

    I mean, if it worked, Israel wouldn't have these problems now, would they? Because obviously from a war-machine standpoint, they can kick butt --

    It's a big question. Just don't see how murder is the answer though.

  10. I imagine, if you look up detailed stats of MOST wars in the past century (at least), we'd find there were routinely more civilians killed than soldiers. But military types write them off as "collateral damage," as if their lives meant squat just because some target with military utility happened to be in their neighborhood.

    A strong case in point were the Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings -- although those cities had some military targets, well over 90% of the dead were civilians. The cast majority of Hitler's and Stalin's victims in WW2 were civilians. Most of the dead in IRAQ have been, too.

  11. I've said it 200 times, but when does fair become fair in Dumbush's mind? Is it when as many people die as did on 9/11? When he proclaimed "King" George? Enough is enough.


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