Easy As Peace in the Middle East - Before Humans

Damn, do I wish the Kurds would get a state already. That ain't gonna happen, though. They've certainly got the oil to survive, but they can't get on anybody's good side with Turkey understandably not wantin' to lose the crude.

Nobody with pull or money is backin' it, even though, for starters, it's a completely logical step to the 3 part Iraqi political problem.

Kurds get a nation.

Shiite south merges with Kuwait.

Sunni north merges with Syria.

Israel gets Gaza and helps pay for Palenstinian immigration to mostly Lebanon, but Jordan and Syria as well. Of course all Arab's who stay get full citizenship.

Turkey gets immediate EU membership + deals with Russia and Iran on a pipeline to Europe and Africa.

Iran gets an apology from the US for Cold War "necessities" leading up the Islamic Revolution.

China gets a sweeter deal with Russia cuz her Prices just stabilize is happy enough to remove Li'l Kim for a quasi-unified Korea acting as East-West conduit, along with the traditional and still current leader in that role, Japan.

! Peace on Earth.

OK. My work here is done.

Thanks to
Betmo for the news which inspired this post. Crazy days, eh.

And before pointing out that it obviously won't work out because folks are such greedy superstitious cowards they refuse to acknowledge anyone else's right to whatever it is
we want, imagine that we aren't.

Then it's only logical.


  1. It's such a complicated matter. It's very polarized and religion, money and land are involved. Everyone deserves a homeland. Unfortunately, there isn't enough land and resources to make every happy. There is no easy solution. The best that can happen is peace talks. There must be a solution. Shall we sign you up for the job of moderator?

  2. sounds like you have more of a plan than the present admin... can i pencil you in as pres?

  3. I'd love to Captain that team.

  4. It wouldn't be all that hard getting all sides to put reason before belief, if you could just get anyone to put reason before desire.

    Alas, animals we do still be.

  5. Good plan. Now go do something! You can do it!
    See, we all have faith in you!

  6. Now where'd I put those Ambassadors' numbers?

    It's a lot o' work for a lot o' people, but I've always felt up for it.

  7. Works for me, but then I'm a frog, "...they don't let frogs make suggestions about public policy."

    Primates either for that matter.

  8. It'd be nice if the actual players could have a conversation even half as deep as the one happening right here.

  9. See, that's the problem right there: they're "players" and not "DOers"!

  10. I think that follks do have deep conversations, it's just very complicated.

  11. It's the emotional bit. No matter how much most of 'em want some kind of non-violent resolution, they're all too afraid because they're all too greedy and self-important.

    All three of those things are great in small doses or when the occasion is immediate and unexpected. Because of that primitive truth, people allow themselves to think it's somehow alright to shoot through little kids' heads in order to get the bad guys. They refuse to acknowledge that this just makes them - and by Constitutional extension, US! - bad guys just as well.

    The above scenario (with major mods and additions) would work incredibly well, If Only the "players" would stop pushing for what they want, and look at what everyone could have.

    To hell with the bin Laden types. They're less than a dime a dozen when no one has motivation to kill themselves for a emotionally desperate and intellectually dishonest cause. Whether that be a religion or fascism or any other xenophobic ideology.

    But how do we make World Leaders think without thinking about how they feel about it? We've got to do that first, thus electing Leaders who do as well.


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