Another Been there. Done That

Only, that wife and I hadn't even tried to have any kids yet. Those do be making the availability of Food Stamps all the more important as a help in getting bye until the gettin's better.


  1. The sad thing is so many people need the assistance and are too shy to ask for it.

  2. Yeppers AG. "Shy" is a nice way of saying it. Covers a range of reasons.

  3. and it's also a shame that there ain't enough help ... or a spirit of helpfulness and good or good vibes sent out by a leader ... my leader if I ever have one will be a leader of kindness, generosity and good vibes ... the rest of 'em can eat mass quantities of excrement ...

  4. Yah, you'd think a chimp like Dubya would be the first to understand "a helping hand". He'd have gotten nowhere without his pappy's.

    He won't even be able to taste that excrement, eh. With all the crap he spits out his pie hole, he's assuredly used to the flavor already.


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