Makes as Much Sense as Any Religion

Shake's Sis inspired me with a certain regular feature she posts. Then she beat me to the punch on her Caption This by about 12 hours! LOL!

Please feel free to add your own caption here (or there,) anyhow.

Oh well. I read a few more posts then followed a link from Waveflux over to Salon where, after going 3 for 8 in the Bush? - Lieberman? Challenge, I found this next bit o' childish silliness.

Like most religious stories, you've got to stick it out through lots of mindless violence in the early parts. If you can manage to do that (and who doesn't love mindless violence?!) you'll get a nice little Morality Play. Ummm... or something.


Guess most folks don't really want Heaven while still on Earth, eh. {-;


  1. my caption(s):

    a) "Dr. Mengele visiting local hospital."

    b) "Don't give this guy a scalpel. Or for that matter, a pen."

  2. b) is awesome! LOL!

    Gracci, Anita.

  3. (oops! There's "that word"... {-; )


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