EFF Suit Moves Forward

Just a quick copy/paste of the email I just got from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward - Judge Denies Government's
Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

In January, EFF filed a lawsuit against AT&T for collaborating
with the NSA in its massive and illegal spying program. Today,
a federal court denied the government's and AT&T's motions to
dismiss the case, allowing EFF's suit to proceed.

This is a huge step toward stopping illegal surveillance and

holding AT&T accountable for these privacy violations. But it's
only a first step. We need your help to finish the job and
secure your rights.

Please donate to EFF today and forward this message along to

your friends and family.

Join EFF today!
More info about the case


  1. I'm surprised the judge did this.

  2. G'morning Sumo!

    I'm not that surprised, but I wouldn't have been if it'd gone the other way, either.

    I think we DO tend to react a bit intensely to our government's incursions into our privacy, and I think that's a healthy response. It may turn out that this kind of activity is approved, but only with the Congressional awareness and Judicial oversight which the US Constitution requires.

    We've plenty of rational reason to distrust this Admin. Even if we give it the benefit of the doubt - which it has sorely strained and weakened by so many of its assertions' failure to pan out - and accept it needs access to such private information, we still have an obligation to hold our elected officials to the standards of our constitution.

    However the case turns out, the judge is right in making this information open to scrutiny, and neither AT&T's nor the Admin's lawyers have shown with clarity that they're acting 100% within the law using proper FISA procedures.

    This case is just overflowing with irony.


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