Did Scott Adams Just Get Dumped?

Methinks, perhaps.

At least he discribes these clubbers as "insane". I've often thought it was just normal for girls.

LOL! No... I don't really wonder why I'm alone.



  1. (ha) - Dilbert is pretty much my favorite strip of all time!!!

  2. You just called females insane. hmmmmmm ... and just how do you think we got there?!?! LOL

  3. LOL

    First of all, thank you Amy for forgoing the retribution I so justly deserve. :-D

    Secondly, Angie, I'm sure 'tis via very similar ways as have we men! 'Sfar as I kin tell, we're all crazy! Some of us just more noticeably so than others. Oy vey!

    lol! & thanks for speakin' up. Sometimes I do be liking to do a little agitatin', just so's I don't take it all too seriously. {-;

  4. I'm the one they asked to leave. That's fine too. Then I can go hang with the boys.

  5. He should get dumped. I take offense to be called "a chick". Women are not barnyard animals. Why must women continue to take this?

    OK, AG steps off her soap box and sits back down.



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