Uri's Bogus Fury

I gotta love the occasional story brought to my inbox via the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.

This one, as many do, got my ire up pretty quickly, though I'm thinking it'll pretty quickly get turned right back down. In Bu$hCo's "Ownership Society" though, that may not be as done a deal as the law does recommend.

Spoon-Bending 'Paranormalist' Illegally Twists Copyright Law

Uri Geller Makes Bogus Copyright Claims to Silence YouTube Critic

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
filed suit Tuesday against Uri Geller -- the "paranormalist" famous for seemingly bending spoons with his mind -- on behalf of a YouTube critic who was silenced
by Geller's baseless copyright claims.

EFF's client, Brian Sapient, belongs to a group called the "Rational Response Squad," which is dedicated to debunking what it calls irrational beliefs. As part of their mission, Sapient and others post videos to YouTube that they say demonstrate this irrationality. One of the videos that Sapient uploaded came from a NOVA program called "Secrets of the Psychics," which challenges the performance techniques of Geller.

Despite the fact that only three seconds of the over thirteen-minute video contain footage allegedly under copyright owned by Geller's corporation Explorogist Ltd. --
a classic fair use of the material for criticism purposes -- Geller filed a takedown demand with YouTube under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That violates the DMCA requirement that copyright holders only send takedown
notices for infringing content.

"Uri Geller may not like it when people question his paranormal abilities. However, he is not allowed to stifle public criticism by misusing the law," said EFF Staff
Attorney Marcia Hoffman. "If the publication of a video does not infringe his copyright, then he cannot block its use -- it's as simple as that."

[Check Out Teh Frontier]
Here's hoping the court quickly tells B.S. Seller Geller to get bent!


  1. "...tells B.S. Seller Geller to get bent!"

    This sentence made me very happy ;-)

  2. lol! Excellent! It was certainly fun to write it.


  3. B.S. seller Geller to get bent! Love it. I'm laughing still.

  4. I, too, had a laugh at the "get bent" line. Anything making fun of this charlatan is good.


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