Governing is So Easy When You Ignore Those Pesky FactsSeriously though, if he didn't use the Veto he'd simply have attached another record-setting signing statement...


  1. We're all stamping VETO on his head - it's spelled IMPEACH!

  2. sounds like VITO as in corleone!

    dude's been watching the godfather too much methinks

  3. Impeachment. Is that an offer he can't refuse?

  4. Yeppers, Blueberry. No way around that one.

    Love teh comments everyone! Hang in there. Even if the critters in Congress now don't remove him we're still gonna have the enormous battle of getting a President elected who isn't OWNED by the Big Money. Frankly, I'm not ever sure that's possible, but I sure do aim to try.

  5. Heh heh hehhhh....

    I am so WAITING for the HEARINGS. I will make a big batch of the green slushy stuff and you are all hearby invited to hang out with me and watch.

    Really, just sit tight, it's gonna be goooood.

    Ever the optimist,


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