How "Great" This Ape?

Well, as the author of the vid, Michael Greenwell, points out, we're not so great that we take responsibility for our actions vis-a-vie our cousins in the wild. Gorillas are almost gone from our planet, and a large part of the blame goes to folks who have all the knowledge and evidence that is needed to see how closely related to each other we really are refusing to acknowledge that simple fact.

Instead, survival of the fittest continues on despite our species mastery of nature's bounty to create technologies which give us such an enormous advantage over all competition that we think we are invincible. That nothing can stop us. Truth is that we still very much fear holding ourselves back and showing restraint in our ability to manipulate nature and our neighbors of her evolving. We are still very much enslaved by our instinct to Conquer all so that nothing may threaten us.

In so doing, we seem far more likely to destroy all that might yet make us truly great.

I highly rec Michael's post - Your Ancestors Were Sheep. It's actually more about the devastation which awaits us vis-a-vie Global Climate Change and is well-linked to solid sources on that phenomenon. The video was a way of tying in human beings inability to believe very obvious facts when those facts confront our prejudices and much loved and comfortable beliefs.


  1. The gorillas probably refer to us as "the not-so-great almost hairless apes".

  2. or the pasty off-white hairless, vacant looking monkees..we have not evolved as much as we think.

  3. more like "hate apes". besides, a gorilla can crush us with one hand. denial is such a beautiful thing... and we will keep denying until gorillas are extinct and sea-level rises over three times our normal height.... then maybe we'll say, "houston, we have a problem".

  4. That's something I'd really like to do: get into the mind of a gorilla or chimp or orang (or dolphin even) and see not only what they're thinkin' but experience the How of their thought processes.

    I think I might learn something, eh.

    Even if it's only to enjoy fleas or fish... :)))

  5. thanks for posting this michael.

    if i could recommend two things. one is derrick jensens essay " beyond hope". if you google it you will find it easy enough.

    and http://this

  6. It's really well done, Michael, so is my pleasure (and benefit) sharing it. Thank you!

    I love the Adams' speech! Anyone reading this should click on it as well. God "exists" in so many human heads that we really have to take that powerful "artifact" into account as we (if we are to) emerge from our dark and scary past.

    I'll G the other bit too. Thx again.


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