"Not Enough" is All We're Gonna Get

New Orleans' Rebuilt Levees "Riddled With Flaws"
Joel K. Bourne, Senior Editor–Environment, National Geographic Magazine
for National Geographic News
May 6, 2007

Almost a year ago the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declared that it had restored New Orleans' levees and floodwalls to pre-Hurricane Katrina strength.

But the system is actually riddled with flaws, and a storm even weaker than Katrina could breach the levees if it hit this year, say leading experts who have investigated the system.

[National Geographic took a look for themselves. Go see what they've found.]

So raise your hands if you're at all surprised by this piece of news. Come on now. Don't be shy.



  1. I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you. Thank you very much, Colonel Klink.

  2. No way... the government cheesed out???!!!!


  3. "...the system is actually riddled with flaws..."????

    No way!
    In the USofA!?
    Naaaaaaaaa, can't be. Y'all must be wrong. The government is there for the people, no?




    P L E A S E ! ? !

  4. Sounds like another "Mission Accomplished"

  5. The good news is that the government will get right on fixing the problems. Any second now... Yep...

  6. Without wetlands restoration, the fact that the levees are riddled with flaws--or even perfect, for that matter--is irrelevant.


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