Simple Amazing!

Cleveland - 109
Detroit - 107

In Double Overtime

Three Cavs key players, including 2 starters, fouled out but Lebron was SERIOUSLY Jordanesque with 48 points.

One of the greatest performances in NBA history. Period.




  1. no doubt, lebron is today's jordan... just with tattoos and without a silohuette icon.... and likely without a gambling problem... and doesn't chew gum like a cow chewing cud... okay, i'll stop. in all seriousness, lebron and jordan are amazing.

  2. Bossy is so happy bout this post because she is just so enamored with basketball. Zzzzzzzz.

  3. You guys are hiLARious!

    I love teh Sports so much cuz, growing up, it was 'bout the only thing my pops an me could watch together; well, sports and Science Fiction like Star Trek, Space 1999 and Quark! lol! Is partly why I'm a quasi-Trekki as well.

    Raffi, you're right, man. Lebron is really showing his full Jordanesque potential right now; sans tongue!


    {sigh} You could fall asleep on my couch anytime, Bossy. Well, that is if all my yelling at the TV and the phone calls 'tween my bro and me would let you.


  4. MB, The Skimmer bought two ticket to Sat's game for him and Blue Kid.

    Nose Bleed seats. I won't ever admit in a million, trillion years how much he spent....but, it's not only going to be a blast for them!!! But, a total bonding dad and son thing. much $$$ for the tickets. Makes me want to cry. Hopefully Blue Kid will remember it fondly.


  5. Aww man! I was saying to someone today how much I'd love to see that game. But ya know, unless I had a kid o my own who wanted to go, I wouldn't fork over that kind of cash for anything really.

    I saw game 1 against the Nets, and our Suite tickets are about $130 ea, but the company pays for that. Not me. I don't even like paying $40 for a concert cuz I think they're ALL overpaid.

    Still, I'd LOVE to be there! Yer boys are gonna have a blast no matter what the outcome. Good on The Skimmer!

  6. I'm so afraid that watching them will in fact jinx the Cavs. So I wait for news. It's my way of making a contribution, you know.

  7. Adorable GirlfriendJune 04, 2007 4:32 PM

    AG was in Detroit over the weekend, nobody said anything!

  8. The Skimmer and BK saw a Great One, BG!!!

    No Jinx, Mando!! lol!

    Gee whiz? Wonder why those piston-heads were all so quiet, AG? :)))))))

    Myself, I was too overjoyed to even post on it. I'm waiting for Thursday's opener in San Antonio before doing so again.


  9. Somewhere, World B Free is smiling. Good luck to the cavs.

    Wasnt Quark about a space garbage truck?!?

  10. That's right! Richard Benjamin and a couple o' Playboy models. Twins.

    Real Father/Son material, that eh.



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