"To the moon, Alice!"

OR: What we suffer for love.

Just have to share these once in a while. :) I do love teh Trudeau, but haven't been reading daily lately.


  1. just amazing how we communicate these days and don't even realize that pagers are pretty much extinct along with vhs and cassette tapes. don't start me on 8-tracks and beta.

  2. lol! I can't hear someone mention 8-tracks without remembering my two favorites from the late 70s and early 80s.

    A live Charlie Daniels Band concert and Pete Townsend's All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes! I've got a couple MP3s from the latter, but don't think I'll ever find CDBs live "Caballo Diablo" again.

    Good stuff.

  3. Trudeau must have read the same article I did: Men are much more romantic about love than women who are generally very practical. So, she is more concerned that he is dead /injured and he links up as the battle weary warrior. No wonder we are always confusing each other with our different perspectives.

  4. Oh my, that cartoon was a zinger at the end.

  5. Adorable GirlfriendMay 16, 2007 8:35 PM

    A zinger indeed, PoP!


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