"Mr President, you have not listened."

I don't recall any time in History where so many former Military leaders have stood up to decry the policies of their Commander in Chief.

Anecdotally one can find support for just about anything. Statistically is where reality is accurately described, and the data pronounce GWB a liar; first and foremost.


  1. George Liar Bush. I think that is the name that should go into the history books.

  2. This goes with your piece on 'self-deception'.

    A hard thing to work against at the worst of times.

    Thanks for the comment: hadn't realised the sneaky fellow (Larry J)had nicked stuff from my old profile.

  3. Dig it, Mary. He oughtta at least have an * by his name for the way he "won" both elections.

    Larry's got ya on his sidebar. I've yet to find reason to doubt his taste, eh.

    Thanks for droppin' in. If you get published, please let me know.


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