Media's Military Mindset

Amy Goodman has an insightful piece on the firing by CBS of retired Army Maj. Gen. Batiste. The incredibly obvious point which this For Profit Industry's new leadership consistently ignores is that advocates ARE analysts who have come to a conclusion based upon their findings. The so-called "analysts" they choose to maintain are those who merely look at the singular element of Military tactics and strategy.

This is, of course, completely missing the essential point that War is, before all else, a Political phenomenon.

Network censors dissenting general

In 1999, when the U.S. was bombing Yugoslavia, I asked Frank Sesno, vice president of CNN: "Why pay these generals? And have you ever considered putting peace activists on the payroll? Or inviting them into the studio to respond to the drumbeat for war?" He replied: "We've talked about this. But no, we wouldn't do that. Because generals are analysts, and peace activists are advocates."

That's not far from the reason given by CBS for firing Batiste. According to a blog on, CBS News Vice President Linda Mason explained, "We ask that people not be involved in advocacy." Generals, it seems, are analysts when they agree with the war plan, and advocates when they oppose it. Political blog the Horse's Mouth reported that CBS News consultant Michael O'Hanlon clearly advocated for President Bush's troop surge but didn't get tossed. O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, told the Horse's Mouth he "would be personally gratified to see Batiste back on CBS."

[Read between the NewSpeak]

I don't doubt it. Whatever O'Hanlon's views on Iraq, I've found that the Brookings Institute has generally been fairly objective in their analyses, including vis-a-vie the American MSM.

The bottom-line is Goodman's line, "Generals, it seems, are analysts when they agree with the war plan, and advocates when they oppose it." Unless they want the government holding them accountable for the effects of their influence on popular culture by limiting monopolistic tendencies in the industry, our one-time Fourth Estate is going to do all it can to lick the hand that feeds it.

While trying to find the Horses Mouth, trying to find the info on O'Hanlon, I found another Horse's Mouth and something the money hungry MSM must find shamefully embarrassing.

Enjoy. She's my favorite singer-songwriter, with no equivocation possible.

Mmmmm... Sarah... {-;


  1. Sarah M is one of my favorites of all time too. i have an autographed CD cover that a friend asked her to sign for me when she got to tour with her and was in charge of sellign the tour tshirts.

  2. Awesome!!! I've seen her once, and even though it was a 20,000 seat arena, she still managed to make it feel like an intimate small hall show.

    I've got a few CDs AND a bunch of dance-remixes other people have done of her songs. Very cool stuff, and I love how & Why she did this particular video.

  3. Great, great video, MB.

    Makes me think of how much money I blow at Walgreens without giving it a second thought.

    Also, thanks for the Amy Goodman info. She's one tough little cookie. She never seems to stop.

  4. I know it, BG. But, like the story talks 'bout; we needn't be ashamed of what we have. We just can't be afraid of sharing it, or helping others to have their own fair chance.

    Hollywood & the RIAA are all about greed & illusions, so that vid offers a little proof of just how beautiful plain ol' reality can really be.

    I LOVE her! lol!

  5. The video is really very powerful. The gap between the well-compensated and the very-poor is hard to fathom.

    On the other hand, with the way my career is going, I would be the one who made $15 to produce that video. Hard to pay bills with that.

    Trying to stay above the "cardboard sign on the street corner" level of affluence without resorting to working for more evil corporations.

    Not easy. Good causes don't usually pay well. We are above poverty for sure and don't lack for a roof, food, beer and transportation, but that's due largely to the leftovers from previous career choices.


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