Grab Your Popcorn (and Barf-Bags)

Via the same PDPBR newsletter, a Mark Fiore Production on Mother Jones.


  1. at this point, i have nothing left to barf. and $2000us per afghan civilian massacred, with the exchange rate and all, is alot of money... they could've probably gotten away with only $1000.

  2. I betcha it's actually $1999.99, with a 'Have a nice day now' Hallmark note.

    OK, need more Pepto-bismol now. This nausea just won't go away.

  3. I do get that, Raffi. It's the Contrast AND the Lost Opportunity to truly impress the Afghani's with our government's respect for their lives that trips my trigger here.

    We took the cheap way out. Just like we always do when there's no Financial payback coming to Bu$h's Backer$. Hell! Worlfiwitz paid more for World Bank whore (He PAID her. she's a whore.) than our government paid for these people's Lost Lives.

    Better get another bottle, Nava. The Dems are complicit.

  4. BTW, love the Stormtrooper Raf!

  5. (You already knew I loved the collage-you, Nava! lol!)


  6. Remember when we were kids and were SHOCKED at totalitarian governments like the USSR and the Hitler regime where the government had control over the press? It sucks when you turn into your own enemy.


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