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Hmmm... I know I've been kinda slackin' in the blogosphere recently. I finally re-replaced my maintenance meds with some of the prescribed variety and I'm not yet quite sure what to make of the change. I know losing the former is a good move, but it's the latter which has m' noggin' itchin'.

Here's hoping I make the most of it.

Here's also some thanks to Chip for taggin' me with an 8 Facts deali-O. I'm taking it like a dead-line; something I find is one of the more effective motivators for me.

The Rules:

* Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
* Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
* Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

1) I had my first girl-friend in kindergarter. Kathy B's sisters and my own decided we were "just too cute" together. From what I recall, we held hands and rode bikes, but otherwise had no idea what more there might be for 6 year olds to while "going together". lol

2) Stickin' to a theme.. Hmmm, first kiss came by 2nd grade and I think her name was Crystal. This was another case of someone else hooking us up. This early trend may have something to do with why I've trouble making first moves.

3) Until a couple of years ago, I've not worn pajamas since I was maybe 8 or 9. Got two pair for xmas though and will probably buy more once these are worn out. Especially nice in Winter!

4) Without goin' into the why's of it, I was seriously contemplating the catholic priesthood in 7th grade. Thank goodness Fr W went wacko ballistic on a couple of guys who'd brought condoms to school. Dude was kind of a hero for me at the time, and his outburst of ninkumpoopery on the evils of contraception really made me start questioning Catholicism. Within two years, I was no longer a christian.

5) Being able to relate to Both Sides (or more) of any issue is both my most debilitating handicap and the thing about me of which I'm most proud.

6) I truly believe that getting a grip on #5 is my Obi Wan Kanobi.

7) I could do just about ANYTHING for myself with the proper motivation from a woman I love, but not just for myself.

8) I still fantasize being a star player on my favorite teams.


--- Note the 3rd rule is player should tag eight other(s). Screw the shoulds for right now, eh. {-;

And the pic at the top? I just liked it so had to share.



  1. Thanks IH. I was hopin' at least one o' those would get a laugh.

    I'm checkin' out your photo-work right now too. VERY Cool!

  2. I share your #5. It's like a curse. Very indecisive I am (Yoda-voice). Just for fun, I've blamed it on being born on an astrological cusp and a full moon (sun-moon opposite). Very mixed-up kid with spinning head. I'm better off committing to being uncommitted.

  3. My friend loves to blame both of our relationship problems on our being Libras, even though she's also atheist and doesn't really believe any of that stuff, either. It is kinda fun to play 'round at though. People spend thousands of years studying other people's personalities and came up with some rather cogent generalizations, even if their explanations for them are hilariously ignorant.

    I had to check yer profile, Blueberry. I'd thought I remembered you being Libran as well, but see otherwise. I'm thinkin' it must be that you're a Snake on the Chinese calendar, just like me.



  4. Same for me on #5 -- is that a function of being saved from the priesthood?

  5. Hmmm... Good question, Sterling. May be, or may be it's from the same thing which made such an option ever look desirable.

    Either way, it's got its Pros and its Cons, eh.


  6. I guess that's one thing we can be certain about!

  7. sounds like you could use a chick break. that's a long history of entertaining the opposite sex. hope you are well. love to ya. T


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